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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Eve

Like I explained in my previous post, we were lucky and got to celebrate Chrismas a day early with the kids. I got up early to get breakfast in the oven and go for a run. When Everest and I started out it was dark and COLD and I think it got colder (probably around 12 degrees). Despite the cold, I loved how peaceful the morning prior to everyone beginning their day. As I was freezing I kept thinking about the pioneers from the movie the night before and had a whole new appreciation for the cold they must have felt. I have great cold running gear and still was cold - I imagine that they didn't warm up for months.
Anyway, I got home, expecting everyone to be awake and anxious, but found a dark and quiet house. Tim came wandering out and we actually had to wake the kids to open presents. I only took a few photos, it was more fun just to watch the action.

Everyone was excited about Angry Birds!
The only thing B really wanted in life was an I-pod touch.

I learned all my mom's tricks and saved it for last,

Then wrapped it in a clothing box with dish towels.
Once he got to the small wrapped present,

He was clearly hoping for something good.

The look says it all.

He was the most grateful kid I think I have ever seen,

It made waiting in line at Target till 3:00 a.m.

On Black Friday totally worth it.

Pretty good smiles considering we hadn't even had breakfast.

By the time the real Christmas Eve rolled around,

Tim and I were tired and ended up alone at Outback.

Perfect time to go, no crowds and the food was delish.

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