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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Give Me a Caution Sign

Seriously, I think I need blinking hazard lights to warn everyone I am near. I teased about Tim spilling the beans, but I have had more than my share of uh ohs lately. My poor mom got a large tub of popcorn dumped on her at the movies on Monday. She's sweet, she just said "these pants needed to be washed anyway".

Not sure how well you can see the mess, but this is what happens when you turn on the blender with a measuring cup inside. It blew the lid off and the pancake batter ended up everywhere. After that one, I cried and Tim cleaned.

One minute the salt shaker was in my hand, the next, it was in pieces on the floor. Tim doesn't even react anymore, he just goes and gets the camera.You have been warned, hide the good dishes and don't wear dry clean only when I am around.

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Just SO said...

Yikes! I hope this phase passes quickly!