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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Easiest Thanksgiving Ever!

I know a lot of people get super stressed with the holidays, especially Thanksgiving cooking. Not me this year. Just because I'm a giver, I'll share with you my easy peasy steps to a stress free Thanksgiving.

Step 1. On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, call Mimis Cafe and tell them you would like to order their "Feast to Go".
Step 2. Stop by Target to pick up frozen rolls and a few pre-made appetizers.
Step 3. Thanksgiving morning sleep in, then go to the gym, spend as much time as you like.
Step 4. On your way home from the gym, stop at Mimis and pick up this box.

Step 5. This is where it gets tough. You have to take the food out of the box, put it in oven safe dishes, and put it all in the oven to warm.
Step 6. Watch the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade, read the newspaper/shop Black Friday ads, etc.

Step 7. Set the table and dinner is served.
Note, I did resist the urge to make the dinner completely easy by using paper plates. I figured the least I could do to fancy up the meal would be to get out the china and real silverware.

Step 8. Enjoy! Seriously, the meal was almost as good as if I would have made it myself.

Step 9. Let someone else wash the dishes and pack up the leftovers, then spend the rest of the afternoon napping and reading.

Step 10. This was only because we were feeling extra energetic and could be avoided - drive to Midway to swim and sit in the hot tub with family.

Step 11. Top off the night with a slice of pumpkin pie.

The hardest part of the whole thing was remembering to upload the photos so I could finish the post. Not bad!