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Friday, October 7, 2011

I've Got My Rock Moves

Miles turned a big 5 this year. For weeks he has told his mom that the only gift he wanted was a drum, and, he wanted a "rock star" birthday party. I love this kid and his originality. He had the official rock party with friends earlier in the day, but don't worry, the family still got to party like rock stars. We ate a guitar birthday cake, and listened to several amazing drum solos. Sorry the pictures are so bad, I had a dying I-phone and bad lighting, but at least you get the idea.

I didn't get the best shot of this, but he was working the rockstar tongue. Miles knew that any self respecting rock star would have a few tattoos so he had a bag full of choices and let everyone get inked. Miles may plan to be the rockstar, but Gavin, the two year old, clearly has a budding career as a tattoo artist. He made sure everyone had one, even grandpa ended up with a spider tattoo on his bicep.
Mine is pretty classy huh? What was not so classy was the next day when I showered at the gym and discovered that it doesn't wash off in the shower. Nice! I got more than a few strange looks at work and had to assure my boss that it was definitely temporary.

Just for Miles, I had to share my rockstar face.


Melissa said...

Are your moves like Jaggar?

Monica said...