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Sunday, May 28, 2017

PreSchool Graduation

Luke celebrated his last day of preschool and now talks non stop about being in Kindergarten.  He loved preschool and had the best experience with Mrs. Fox.  He loved having so many good friends in the class.  Whenever I asked who he played with he always told me: Drake, Evelyn and Hudson.  I asked about other kids and he said he liked them but he seemed pretty content to focus his energy on these friends.  I really enjoyed watching Mrs. Fox's interactions with the kids - she was clearly in charge and had their respect, but also showed them so much love and took plenty of time to play. Luke has quickly picked up on how emotional I have become about his milestones...when we were getting him ready to go that morning, he asked me if I was going to cry!  The answer is yes...I just feel like the time is running away from me and I want to freeze it for just a little while to enjoy him and all that he is learning and becoming.

The graduation was perfect....short and informal with plenty of laughs.  Mrs. Fox went through a lot of the songs and skills that they learned throughout the year.  Luke was quick to yell out answers and knew every song.  I absolutely love watching him and his successes, mostly I love seeing him have so much fun with such a great group of friends.  Kindergarten feels like such a big move but I'm sure he will love it just as much.  Ruby will be going to Mrs. Fox next fall so she can continue the fun. 

We love Mrs. Fox!

Luke loved having Grandpa and Grandma there.

Future's so bright for these boys!

Since turning five, it feels like Luke has had so many changes and new adventures.  By the time we made it to graduation at 10:30, we had already had an eventful morning at the eye doctor.  When he went to the pediatrician for his five year/Kindergarten check, the screening flagged some issues with his vision and they recommended that he been seen by an optometrist.  We were quite surprised because he has never complained of or appeared to not see well.  It turns out that his right eye has pretty poor vision, 20/65, but his left eye sees quite well and has been compensating and making him think he is seeing well.  I thought that wounded great and assumed we didn't need to do anything to fix it, but the doctor explained that if we didn't, the right eye would eventually become lazy, leading to a lot of other problems so, glasses were important to start correcting the vision and helping his brain to even out everything.  Luckily, he was thrilled with the idea of getting glasses and was super eager to get them as soon a possible.  I hope his enthusiasm for them continues...but in the meantime, they make him even more adorable.  When he first put them on he told me that they made me look even more beautiful, so clearly, we got the correct pair.

About two months ago we decided to have Luke tested by the school district's speech therapist because he seemed to really struggle to say several sounds and we weren't quite sure how to help him.  After several assessments, they determined that he qualified for services/assistance, primarily because of his inability to say the K/C sound.  Because we started the process so late in the year, he only had two sessions with Mrs. Lenore, but we have been amazed at how much he has improved already.  She taught him a few tricks to teach his tongue how to say the sound correctly and then he has really worked to make the corrections.  I hear him walking around practicing tough words and he is so happy when he can show off a new word an extra tough word that he can now say correctly.  Mrs. Lenore was shocked at how much progress he had made already.  We are excited to work with him over the summer and see how much improvement we can make before school starts.  

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