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Monday, May 29, 2017

Baby Ballerina

Ruby has always loved dancing around the house and since she could barely talk, told us about being a "rina rina".  Last Fall we told her that when she was completely potty trained she could start going to ballet.   That was all it took and practically overnight she had left the diapers behind.  She started dance class in January and has loved going to her ballet.  She adores the ballet shoes and the leotard and skirt, and occasionally, would even show me something that they learned.  We have had the recital on our calendar for weeks and she has been talking about it constantly - she has been so excited to dance on a stage just like Ada.

Ruby and I went to the dress rehearsal on Friday afternoon and I got a little nervous because she mostly just stood and stared and didn't really seem to be aware or care what the rest of her class was doing.  I'm not sure if she just needed to work through a little stage fright, or if she just wanted to save the best for her performance, but when it came time to actually perform, she was completely adorable.  It was so fun to watch her move and dance and have fun, she followed along with the teacher and the other girls and looked like a complete natural.

Probably the very best part of the entire evening was the "daddy daughter dance".  She and Tim have been practicing for weeks the dance to "My Girl" and it could not have been any cuter.  There were turns together and a few kisses on the cheek and mostly Ruby looking at her daddy like he was the greatest man alive.  My mom was quite impressed and said that Tim had the best moves of all of the men.  To be honest, I was too busy watching my loves to even notice the other dancers.  

One the way to the recital Luke kept asking if there was somewhere we could find some roses to pick because he wanted to give some to Ruby after she danced.  Fortunately, they sold flowers there.  Of course we had to get some - I was so impressed at Luke's thoughtfulness and especially loved watching him support her and tell her that she did a great job.  

After the performance ended, Ruby was so proud of being a ballerina and loved seeing everyone that had come to watch.  Our dance days may just be beginning...


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