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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Hot Pot Weather

Tim took advantage of the fantastic weather last week and was able to hike to the hot pots twice.  I know he loves the hike and the soak, but on these trips I think he was more excited about the company.  Nothing better for him than to be able to hike with the big kids, Erika and Taylor.  Last Wednesday morning he and Erika left early in the morning and were rewarded with cool weather and very few people at the pools.  After not seeing Erika for over six months, I'm pretty sure Tim would have hiked or walked just about anywhere to have so many hours of uninterrupted time together.  The fact that it is so beautiful was just a bonus.   

On Saturday morning Tim and Taylor did yard work and played with the little kids while I went for a long bike ride.  Once I got home, they were ready for their turn to hike.  I'm not sure that I would have chosen a burger for my pre-hike meal, but they seem to be enjoying it.  

The hike was still beautiful, but unfortunately, it was extremely crowded so they didn't stay as long as they had initially planed.  They still seemed to have fun though, so another successful excursion.