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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

July, 2016

This summer seems to be passing by way too quickly - we have been having so much fun and most of the month has felt like a non-stop party.  Ok there were probably way too many hours spent at work, but that is an entry for another day.  The babies have been thoroughly enjoying summer and all of the playtime.  Other than one bad sunburn, everyone has made it through without any real mishaps.

The kids have been in heaven because we have spent so much time at pools this month.  They are really ready for swim lessons, but I think we will wait until next year when they can be in a class together.  I love how comfortable they have become in the water - they love to jump off the edge, hold their noses under water, and show me how they can "float".

We spent several Friday afternoons at the Provo pool

Couldn't quite fit the kids into my shot!
 We were invited to a Pirate Ship pool party by a client of Tim's,
The kids are still asking when they can go back to play on the ship.

Grocery shopping with these two is always an adventure.  This particular trip included Ruby biting Luke then lying on the floor screaming, and Luke directing traffic and yelling about red lights from inside the shopping cart.  They were so excited though when they saw this big gorilla and begged me to take a picture so they could see how cute they looked.  Such funny kids.

One Sunday night Grandpa gave all of the kids little Nutella snack packs.  We were mean and said they had to wait until the next day to eat them.  I'm not sure we meant for breakfast, but if you use the Nutella to cover a banana, it is a great breakfast, right?  

Sprinklers = Summer
Sprinklers in your pajamas or underwear, even better.

Summertime Santas
You would think the kids would be tired of the water,
But they still beg for long bubble baths

Growing up I always felt so lucky to live next to my grandparents.  My kids don't live quite that close to either set of grandparents, but they still get to spend a lot of time with both sets.  Sunday dinners have been a long standing tradition in Santaquin, and I'm so grateful that my mom is willing to keep having us.  It is a ton of work for her, but I love the chance to spend time together and let the kids run wild with their cousins.  Summer nights in Santaquin are definitely full of shenanigans. 

Tim and Taylor spent an afternoon hiking to the hot pots,
Definitely their happy place

One of their goals was to find a large rock to commemorate Everest

And relax, of course.


 Oh these babies love their daddy

In the midst of all of the parties and fun of July, we had an experience that was definitely bittersweet. Erika finished school and decided to spread her wings and fly and head to Oregon, by way of California and a very long drive by the ocean.  Over the last several years she has really grown and matured and decided that she was ready for a change and some big adventures so she and Gio packed up his truck, put a bunch of things in storage (mostly in our basement), and headed out very early one morning.  We were able to spend some time with the a few days before they left and help them move some of their biggest items.  Poor Tim, it has been tough for this Papa Bear to let his little girl go out into the big wide world.  The two of them have become such good friends and have been lucky to spend so much time together.  I know that Tim is a little heartbroken to have her leave - but is excited to see what's in store for her future.  We will definitely miss her but hopefully they will get settled soon so we can book a trip to travel out to see them.  In the meantime, she promised lots of Facetime and plenty of pictures.  

One last outing for pizza and ice cream

Last goodbye for awhile

Remember what I said about my kids lucking out in the grandparent department?  Grandma and Grandpa Whitesides decided it had been too long since they had seen the kids so one Saturday afternoon they came down for lunch and then spent the afternoon playing with the kids.  Grandma Whitesides completely captures the kids' attention with her games and stories and songs  They were pretty excited to have her all to their selves for the afternoon.

For approximately  10-15 years I worked for David Mortensen while at Ivie and Young.  He was a great boss and a brilliant attorney.  We spent hours proofreading countless appellate briefs and all knew that his ultimate dream was to be an appellate court judge.  I was so excited to hear that he had been appointed and was thrilled to see him sworn in by the head judge of the Utah Court of Appeals. The event turned into a mini reunion and it was fun to see so many old friends and coworkers.  

Grandpa Whitesides is always thrilled to celebrate his birthday on 7-11 day.  For the past few years the party has been at Cherry Hill.  This year both Tim and I had to work during part of the party so we switched off with the kids who completely enjoyed the water, the cake, and of course, the balloons.

Tim has spent a lot of time in the back yard working on various projects.  The desk was in desperate need of some rehabilitation and he put in a lot of time to sand and paint and stain.  Now he and the kids like to sit out there on the swing and enjoy his handiwork.  

Moon Rise

Luke got a big boy bed and is the very most excited!

And Ruby is doing her best to break it in

As part of the Spanish Fork Fiesta Days celebrations, they sponsored a 50 mile bike ride that benefits Blue Haven Foundation - a group dedicated to help spouses of police officers who have been killed. While we were at the parade, someone handed us a flyer and it seemed like the perfect Saturday morning ride.  Because of my schedule, I almost always ride alone so it was such a treat to ride with Jarin and Jami and their friends.  Riding in a group is not only easier physically, but it just makes the whole journey so much more fun.  

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