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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Santaquin Cherry Days

During the first weekend in August, Santaquin city has their city celebrations - technically titled Orchard Days but still called Cherry Days by most.  We love the festivities and usually try to be there for some of the activities - the fact that cousins and family are always there makes it even more fun. This year it ended up being a Broadbent homecoming with Sean and Craig and their families in town. During the weekend there was a lot of food, fun, candy, and plenty of playtime with the cousins.

After spending Friday afternoon playing at my parents house, we all headed out for the Santaquin Rodeo.  It was the first time for Tim, Taylor and Brycen and I think they were surprised at how much fun it was.  The kids have been to rodeos before, but this was the first year that they were old enough to really watch what was going on and they were fascinated.  For days after they both told me that they were going to be a cowboy when they grew up - Luke said he would try to stay on the jumping horse, and Ruby plans to ride her horse really fast.  By the time the rodeo was over, we were all exhausted, but stayed to watch the fireworks before finally heading home for the night.

Watching these babies during the National Anthem was so sweet

They loved the rodeo queens
Ruby clearly thought Josh was hysterical
Glow sticks for the win 

After a very short sleep, we rolled out and headed back to Santaquin for the parade.  Of course a quick stop at Payson Market was required for parade donuts - not enough sugar in the candy and popsicles they hand out.

Ada gets a little embarrassed when we scream for her on the clogging float
But secretly I think she loves it! 
We were able to get a picture of Grandma and Grandpa with almost all of their grandkids,
Just missing Jessica and Erika 
This was the first time we have all been together for a long time,
I am definitely blessed to have all of these brothers

Our family has always loved to spend time in Santaquin Canyon - I think it started with my grandparents who loved nothing more than heading up the canyon for a "hamburger fry". Once my mom found out that all of the family would together, her top priority became to have a new family picture taken.  The canyon was the perfect location - and it was beautiful.  Jami had a tough job to coordinate a shoot a lot of small children and strong personalities but she is always amazing and I can't wait to see how the pictures turned out.  While we waited our turn, I was glad that Tim thought to take some extra pictures - I love how happy we all look - must be the mountain influence.


We all worked so hard to get across the river without getting wet,
Which was funny because everyone ended up with their shoes off,
Standing in the middle of the stream.
As a reward for being patient with pictures, we had a fantastic BBQ and picnic lunch.  We then sat around for hours and talked while the kids played in the river.  It was so fun to watch their boat races and other imagined adventures.  By the time we left they were tired and filthy which is how all canyon adventures should end.  Cousins and the canyon made for a pretty perfect day.

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