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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Birthday Bash (46)

Forty Six

Tim and Ada share a birthday and we often end up celebrating together.  This year the celebrating was done a Lagoon.  I'm pretty sure that isn't exactly what Tim would have chosen for the day's adventures.  However, he was really sweet and agreed to it because he knew that Ada wanted to go. It was also the last day that Sean, Josh and Tad would be in Utah so there were plenty of reasons to spend some time together.  Jarin brought a cake with candles so the first official birthday celebration was official and complete. Of course, we still had a few more chances to celebrate our favorite guy.

Shortly after everyone arrived, my parents said that they would take all the little kids so that the big kids and Adults could go on some rides alone.  Talk about amazing grandparents.  The ration was 6:2 which could have been rough, but they all had a fabulous time, in fact we finally had to call and track them down because they had completely lost track of time.  After being at the park several times this year and never making it out of kiddie land,  Tim and I finally got to go on the biggest attractions which was fun.  We are lightweights though because after on a few rides, we were ready for a rest.

It Was Awesome

Jet Star II...Not so awesome...It just hurt!

Somehow these helicopters never get boring for my little ones.

Taking care of sister

Still the baby whisperer

Plenty of fun in Pioneer Village

Capturing true love.

Relaxing...Someone has to watch all of the kids go on rides.

Watching Sean try to avoid the waterfall on Rattlesnake Rapids may have been the most entertaining part of the day.  The kids had all begged him to got on the ride with them and were so excited when he agreed.  I offered him a poncho (yes, you really do get that wet), but I don't think he wanted to shatter his image as "cool Uncle Sean".  Somehow he managed to avoid most of the water. 

Luke got put in jail for refusing to wear a shirt....ok maybe he was just drying off from the ride and the kids love to play in the jail, but my explanation sounded much more exciting.  


Ruby loved her "Top of the World" perch.

The giant ferris wheel never disappoints....unless the teenagers next to you are spitting on people below.  Tim's old Lagoon experience kicked in and he did what he could to make sure the problem was taken care of.  I'm sure the people below were relieved. 

We are so lucky that Gavin likes to hang with us.

Last chance hugs for Tad.  It may have taken the little kids awhile to warm up to him, but by the time he left they were definitely all the best of buddies.

My mom really is the best birthday fairy.  On Sunday after their birthday, my mom made both Tim and Ada's favorite meals...roast, potatoes and gravy for Tim and Mexican spaghetti for Ada.  Of course they each got to request their favorite for dessert as well.  Tim wanted peanut butter cookies with Hershey Kisses and I was a little nervous to make the cookies for a birthday without having ever tried the recipe.  But after reading a lot of different options, I picked one that turned out amazing. The kids were thrilled to help with the wishes and candles 

We had one last chance to celebrate Tim's birthday when we spent the afternoon with the Whitesides at Cherry Hill.  Despite the fact that Gayle brought balloons and birthday cakes, I somehow missed all of the possible chances to document the festivities.  In fact, the only real photos I took that afternoon were of the kids and Aunt Jan's dog Paxton.  It was a great day at Cherry Hill and hopefully this shot will continue to remind us of all the fun we had celebrating Tim's birthday this year.

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