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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Father's Day

This year we were able to stretch the Father's Day celebration out throughout the weekend.  On Saturday afternoon, we were able to take Tim's dad out to celebrate, as well as meet up with Erika and Taylor so that they could celebrate Tim.  A proper Father's Day celebration seems like it should involve steak, so we headed to Texas Roadhouse and had a fantastic time.  I think both Tim and his dad really liked being able to spend time together with so many that they love.  

Most women get married with the hopes that the man they are marrying will be a good father. I was fortunate that I already knew what a great dad Tim was.  During the time that we were dating and engaged, I was always so impressed with how much he loved his kids.  Even though they have not ever lived close to us, he has always made such an effort with visits, phone calls, texts, etc. to  let them know how much he cares.  Once we added our little ones, it was like his capacity to love just grew and I have been amazed ad how naturally he cares for and loves all of his kids.  Our babies are especially luck to be with him nearly every day - they have so many adventures and always have plenty of stories to tell at the end of the day.  

On Sunday, Father's Day, they were excited for any excuse to celebrate and spent most of the day telling both of us Happy Father's Day.  Luke was excited to share the bead necklace that he made at grandma's house and he brought home a candy bar bow time that they made in primary.  Luke also filled out a sheet all about his dad - he was so cute and told us all about the answers he gave. 

Tim got gift to share this year - Curious George Goes Camping, and headlight flashlights for everyone.  He has been taking about taking the kids camping for awhile so this seemed like a great starter kit.  

Sunday afternoon we went to Santaquin to celebrate with my dad.  I have always been so grateful for my dad and the relationship we have had - especially as I have gotten older and developed a lot of common interests.  I have loved watching him interact with mine, and the rest of the grandchildren. He obviously adores them, and the feelings are completely mutual.  

Reading the candy bar poster that Ada made

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