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Sunday, June 26, 2016


For the past few years, we have gone to Park City to celebrate our anniversary.  It has usually been more of a family getaway, and it's always nice to leave the heat behind.  This year Tim booked us a week at Snowbird - neither of us have really spent much time up there so it seemed like the perfect place.  It's interesting because most people we met up there have had a timeshare in the family for years, I was surprised at how many adults that we met told us about their adventures there as kids. We aren't quite in the market for a condo, but after spending some time there, I can definitely understand the allure.

We headed up on a Saturday afternoon after spending the morning at Lagoon.  Most of the week the temperatures had been in the 90's, but that day it dropped to the 60's and it was rainy and cloudy. As we headed up the canyon the temperature kept dropping and by the time we arrived it was 45 degrees and foggy. It didn't bother the kids at all, they were begging to go to the pool within a few minutes of arriving.  

The room was like a studio apartment, 
Surprisingly, we all slept great.

Luckily, the weather was sunny and much better on Sunday morning.  Once the kids were up and going we told them that we wanted to go adventuring to see the trail and mountains.  Poor Luke, he has too much of his mama in him, he said he didn't want to go because he might get dirty.  After convincing him that he would stay clean - he reluctantly put on his shoes to go.  Of course, once he was outside, he forgot all about staying clean and just had a great time.  They have a really fantastic park with different types of playground equipment than we are used to seeing.  The kids had a great time playing. 

We spent most of our time just walking through the trails on the property and being impressed at the beauty.  The kids loved seeing the mountains, the river, and plenty of rocks and trees.

The mountains are a perfect backdrop for silly faces.

After spending two days in the mountains, we headed back home and went back to work and real life for a few days.  Tim's parents spent some time at the condo relaxing - a necessity since they had agreed to take Luke and Ruby while Tim and I went back to the condo for a few more days.  Our anniversary is June 15th - this year on a Wednesday.  After leaving work, we stopped for a celebration dinner at Market Street Grill before ending up back at Snowbird.  We had the absolute best time. The main attraction at Snowbird is nature - the mountains, the cliffs, the trails, the trees.  We had no schedule and no plans other than to just spend time together.  We spent several hours hiking one morning - straight up until we reached the snowline, and then ran our way back down.  Other than that, most of our time was spent relaxing by the pool - the weather was perfect and we spent hours outside reading and napping.  One of our best getaways ever.

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