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Monday, April 18, 2016

Luke - Four Years Old

Luke has been so excited to turn four so he can be a big boy - in his mind four is the definite delineation between baby and big kid.  I, on the other hand, was not nearly as excited.  The last year has passed so quickly and I'm not quite ready to let go of my baby.  In fact, Luke routinely says to me "mama, am I breaking your heart because I'm not a baby anymore?".  Perhaps I've said that a few too many times.  As much as I'm heartbroken over the loss, I am completely loving this new big boy stage and getting to know my boy and his sweet personality.

Four really is the most fun age and we have had the best time learning, playing and adventuring together.  Whenever we drive he asks to listen to our songs (kids channel), but never likes me to sing along.  We've gone to the animal museum, the dinosaur museum, the farm experience, and the curiosity museum several times this year and each time it is almost like a new experience because he has changed so much and understands so much more. Luke loves to learn and constantly amazes me at the bits of knowledge he has picked up such as when he told me that an octagon had 8 sides (that one was courtesy of Curious George) or that clouds soak up all the water so they can rain.  Anytime we talk about a letter he wants to know what it says (sound it makes), and for me to give him examples of words that begin with that letter.  If I ask him about it later, he can usually remember all the details.

Luke really has the sweetest personality.  He loves to give hugs and is quick to show his affection to friends and family by giving them one of his best and biggest hugs.  He is concerned about others and is especially protective of me and Ruby. If he thinks that I am upset he is quick to give me a hug and tell me how much he loves me.  Luke is especially anxious to make sure that his sister is loved and safe.  To be clear,  he's not perfect, they do fight over - usually of all sorts of ridiculous things such as toys and who gets to sit where.  But I have no doubt that he will always be his sister's biggest defender.

Speaking of personality traits, Luke definitely got the Broadbent traits of liking things to be just so.   He is a little rigid in his actions and generally wants to do things in a very particular way.  I'm trying to teach him to not get quite so upset when everyone doesn't agree with his idea.  But there are definitely perks....he doesn't like to be dirty and rarely makes a mess when he eats and if he does, he immediately wants a napkin.  Luke likes to keep his room neat and organized and often figures out better ways to organize his toys so they will look even cleaner - now that it a boy after his mama's heart.

One of the things I love most about Luke is his laugh and his humor.  He really has become the most fun and I love hearing all of the funny things that he says.  I have not been very good this last year at recording many best things he says, but here are a few:

*He consistently talks about wanting to be big so that he can "wrestle Gavin". I'm not sure where this obsession came from - especially because his cousins are his very favorite people.
*He recently went through a growth spurt and every morning would wake up and tell me to look how long his arms and legs got while he was asleep.
*One afternoon while he was supposed to be taking a nap, he told me that he needed another hug and kiss.  This is is favorite stall tactic so that he doesn't have to nap.  As I was leaving his room he told me that when he woke up he wanted to wear his police officer outfit, then said "I've just been dreaming about being a policeman".
*I told him that I would always love him, even when he grew up and was a man.  He said - pretty soon I will grow big and will be a man, and then I will marry my sister Ruby.
*He has become super interested in bible stories and especially loves the stories of David and Goliath and Jonah and the whale.  One day, out of the blue, he told me that Goliath wasn't going to get any presents from Santa because he was really naughty.

Pictures really have been the best way to review and document how far we have come in the past year.  Hope you enjoy the highlights as much as we have:


If we would let them, Luke and Ruby would stay in the tub for hours. It's fun to listen to the stories they invent, and the worlds they create - especially when there are bubbles. Luke's toughest job is trying to keep his sister in line and from turning in the bathroom into a swimming pool.  He usually succeeds.

New penguin bath towels for Ruby's birthday.


We have a ridiculous number of pictures of Luke asleep in his bed but it is because he really does look so angelic when he sleeps.  He's a total bear when he wakes, but up until he wakes, it's pretty heavenly to watch.  Most days he still naps and often tells us that he is ready for sleepy sleep.  We finally convinced him to move a lot of the toys out of his bed, but he still has to keep several favorites close by.  A few months ago we swapped the bed from being a crib to a toddler bed and it has worked out great.  If he needs to Luke can get out, but most of the time he doesn't until it is time.  He is usually pretty content to stay in bed and play.


Luke first started dressing up at the daycare at the gym.  We have facilitated the fun by buying other costumes.  I love watching him role play and pretend and use his imagination to be someone new.

Grandma made him a batman blankie to go along with all of his costumes


First time "shooting" a gun

First time on a carnival ride

First BYU Football game

First sugar cookie
He had never decorated sugar cookies before this Halloween, clearly sprinkles were a big hit.
First parents present made at school

First time as a shepherd boy

First "friends" birthday party

First time to the dentist

First time to Lagoon


Over the past year we were blessed to tour two new temples - Payson Temple and Provo City Center Temple.  We also spent one Sunday morning at Temple Square.  Even though he is young, he seemed to really understand what a special place the temple is and it was so sweet to experience such a beautiful place together.  He is still a little boy though so of course his favorite part was the "swimming pool".

Payson Temple

Salt Lake City - Temple Square

Provo City Center Temple


Since he was born Luke has been a total water baby.  This year we got him water wings so he has a ton of freedom at the pool and can "swim" without always having to be held up by someone.  As soon as the warm weather hit this year, the only place he wanted to be was at the pool or splish splash park.

What's better than swimming with the sisters!


Luke loves to be with family.  He is so lucky to be loved by so many people to live so close to so many family members.  I'm not sure hat he really understands a social life outside of people with the same genetics.

Luke discovered the magic of Jordan!

Who wouldn't love an auntie that will paint your nails?


For the first few years of his life, I was a little crazy about his long hair and terrified to have anyone cut it.  Good thing I got over it.  Now he tells us when he is ready for a cut and is happy to have just about anyone take care of it. 


In August Luke started preschool with Miss Nikki.  He was a little apprehensive to begin, but it has been the best experience for him.  I was mostly concerned about him having some social interactions, but have loved seeing his little mind grow and learn.

What could be better than a field trip to the fire station.

Halloween Program
His favorite song was "I'm a Mean Old Witch"

Christmas Program
Plenty of the songs involved a Rudolph nose

St. Patrick's Day program

If I found a pot of gold....
Luke: I would buy a toothbrush

This boy loves to make us laugh

Loves to hang on to his handle.


Hot or cold, he loves to play and explore outside.

He was ready for the snow long before we had any on the ground.

Finally, snow!

Our version of "outdoor" play during the winter
Luke loved learning new skills at his tumbling class

Luke's impression of a dinosaur tooth.


In general Luke has been really quite healthy, but this winter seemed especially hard on his health. We spent a lot of time at the doctor's office and he often didn't feel good.

Asthma and a bad cough really affected his oxygen levels.

We spent way too many "sick days" hanging out and resting.

Thrown in a couple of rashes to keep life interesting.

After four ear infections this winter,
And lots of problems with his hearing,
He ended up having tubes placed in his ears.


As he has gotten older, he has become interested in something beside just superheroes.  






Christmas was completely magical for Luke this year.  He loved it all....Baby Jesus, Christmas lights, Santa, stories, and of course, presents.  

Grandma and Grandpa Whitesides took us on the Polar Express, Luke was enthralled by the conductor 


Words will never be adequate to describe how I love my Luke

The best part in any race in when I see my Number 1 fan!

One of my favorite moments ever -
Watching Luke sing along to I Am a Child of God
He loved Valentines, and his hugs are the absolute best!
Full body commitment 
Cheese with Jaws
The sweetest little man

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