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Friday, April 10, 2015

Ruby 18 Months

In my most recent update,  I described Miss Ruby as The Tornado.  In the past few months her personality has become even more defined (wild) which has led to a new nickname...The Spitfire.   The official definitions fit her pretty perfectly - "A person, especially a girl...who is of fiery temper and easily provoked to outbursts."  "Someone that is wild and free...without a care in the world" That's my girl. This little one makes me laugh every day, and I couldn't feel luckier to be her mama.

Ruby surprises me every day with how much she is speaking, and how much she wants to speak - she say right there, thank you, ball, fishies, George, and tries to sing Twinkle Twinkle and the Luke and Ruby song. She will try to imitate almost anything you say.  Ruby loves to point out her eyes, nose, ears, etc. and especially loves pointing them out on anyone else.  She loves to race with Luke and generally gets the "two" out of "one, two, three".  She can say no, but usually just growls and shakes her head when she doesn't want something or the answer is  no.  Ruby has become quite the climber and is quite proud of herself when she makes it onto a new object.  We often fight to keep her from climbing onto the back of the couch.  A few weeks ago while he was vacuuming, Tim put her in her crib because he couldn't watch her and was afraid she would fall of of the couch.  It seemed like the safest idea, that is, until she dove out of her crib.  Don't worry, the crib has now been lowered to the bottom level.  When she is not being a stinker, she really is the sweetest little girl. Ruby loves to give kisses, and always makes a big mwah sound towards people, animals, toys, and anything else that she likes.  Every once in awhile she will slow down to cuddle and will completely make my day.

Luke's jeep has become one of her favorite toys.  She likes to drive, but is also happy to hang out on the tail gate, or even try to climb on top like she has seen Luke do.

Ruby seems to love every hat except for the sunhats that I want her to wear.  She puts on almost any hat she can find, and then runs to the mirror to admire herself.

She loves any chance she gets to spend time with grandma and grandpa.

In January we took her in for a well baby visit and discovered she had two very infected ears.  Since it was her fourth infection in a few month time period, the doctor strongly recommended she have tubes placed.  The surgery was a little rough for me and Tim, but she has done great and hasn't had any infections since.

Turns our she likes popcorn and donuts.  Actually, I'm not sure that there is anything she doesn't like.  She continue to be a great eater, she usually finishes her meal and then sometimes helps with Luke's. Once she's done though, watch out, she has started throwing her food or smearing it on her tray just to make sure you know she's finished.  

Ruby has really become interested in books.  It's so cute, if she wants you to read to her, she will go get a book and then bring it over and back into you, hoping to get onto your lap for a story.  A lot of times she is very content to just "read" on her own and will sit for a long time with her books.  It makes me so happy to see.  Reading has been one of my biggest joys so one of the best gifts I could give her would be a love of books and reading.  

Sundays are pretty wild with Ruby.  I love how she looks in her "pretties" and always try desperately to get a cute picture of her.  She's about as willing to sit still for pictures as she is to sit still in church. 
We go through a lot of treats in an attempt to keep her quiet, and have become well know in the halls.  It feels like I have spend the last several months counting down the day that she could go to nursery, but now that it is here, I am feeling super sad to let her go.  For the last three years I have had a baby with me at church and it is going to feel very lonely on my own. 

Unfortunately, Ruby seems to have had a snotty nose since she was born, and so far she hasn't grown out of it.  I'm can handle that type of sickness, but in early February she really scared me because she got some type of awful stomach flu.  She spiked a fever and threw up eight times.  It was the saddest thing, she would let me cuddle and rock her to sleep, then after about fifteen minutes would start to stir, then cry, then we would make a run for the bathroom.  That went on for a few hours.  Over the next few days she continued to be sick, but nothing like the first night.  It was so tough to watch her suffer, it made me feel so helpless

No real story, just one of my favorites.

It hadn't been our plan to have these two babies so close together, but I couldn't be happier that they have each other.  Sometimes my heart just wants to burst because they are so sweet together...

And then there are the times that I wonder if she will survive her older brother.  It seems like most of her scrapes and bruises come courtesy of Luke.  He has become very practiced at telling her "sorry" and giving her a "kiss and a hug" - sometimes he just hurries and does it without being told.  Lately though, I'm not always sure that I should rescue her.  Little sis has become such a tease that I'm often not surprised that Luke has come unglued.  It's kind of funny how good she is at tormenting him at such a young age.  She will watch for him to be occupied, then gathers up his favorite toys, gets his attention to make sure he sees, and then takes off running and laughing.  Anytime Luke is sitting quietly and reading or playing, she doesn't seem capable of just leaving him alone, she will poke him, grab him and do anything possible to get his attention.  I have a feeling we will be refereeing them for the rest of their lives.

Ruby is finally getting enough hair that you can see it - especially if she has spent time on the trampoline.  The more she gets, the redder it looks.  With her fiery personality, and her fair skin, I certainly hope she stays a ginger.

We have been working, not very successfully, on Luke getting potty trained.  Most days he is not very interested in the potty, but Ruby is.  I'm tempted to just wait a little bit longer and then train them both together.  She is definitely much more motivated.  

Ruby may not look like me, but I'm amazed at how many of my own traits and personality quirks that I see in her.  I'm pretty particular about cleanliness, and do not like to get dirty, but when I was little, I was the queen of the mud pies, and was sometimes known as pig pen's cousin.  Ruby loves to be outside, and if there is dirt or mud around, all the better.  She will play in the grass, throw rocks and sticks, and generally just seems to love the freedom to roam.

I don't feel like I have done anything in particular to encourage either of the kids to participate in traditionally boy or girl activities, but it amazes me how much it seems to have come embedded in their souls.  Ruby has started to really play with dolls and treats them like she is their little mama. She will put them to bed, rock them in blankets, and loves to feed them a baba.  Watching her take such good care of her babies is really just the sweetest. 

This may have one me the "meanest mom" award, but Ruby did survive her first horse ride.  In between the pictures where she looks terrified, there were a few minutes where she was laughing and seemed to have a good time.

Just a little preview of the amazing 18 month old shots that Jami took.

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