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Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter

We had a pretty great - very extended - Easter weekend.  In fact, I think my kids have decided that Easter may be just as much fun as Christmas.  It was definitely fun to watch them experience everything together.

Friday morning Luke and Ruby went to the daycare at the gym and made "snowman noses" filled with candy.  I'm not sure if Luke actually knows what a real carrot looks like - but he was definitely excited to have a new nose for Olaf.  He kept telling me "look mama, I have a snowman nose".

Friday afternoon Grandma and Grandpa Whitesides brought some Easter surprises and a little egg hunt.  Luke got a stuffed bunny with a carrot which he loves - it has been added to the menagerie that he sleeps with which shows the level of importance.  Hunting in the front yard with no competition was perfect practice.  Finishing off with stories with Grandma made for a pretty great afternoon. 

Saturday morning we headed out to "The Boulders" in Elberta to join up with Jami's family for a little desert celebration.  It was a pretty big crew of kids who were perfectly happy to run wild and collect candy.  This time Luke and Ruby were a little more prepared and had figured out there was something worth collecting.  

We spent the rest of the afternoon "day camping", my favorite kind of camping.  Tim was thrilled to take out the little motorcycle and the jeep and I loved watching my babies enjoy the dirt.  

Luke was convinced this was a dinosaur cave.

Man, I like these people.

The kids could have stayed and played a this
Old mine shaft all day.  
Rock throwing for days.

The babies are so lucky to have so much time
With their grandparents.
I think this may have been after my dad
Had to chase Luke down through the desert.

Sunday morning the Easter Bunny found his way to our house - I was surprised he had any candy left after all of the celebrating.  We were lucky to have Clark and Erika with us to celebrate with waffles, strawberries, bacon and juice.  The babies were thrilled with their surprises, Luke kept showing me what the Easter Bunny had brought him.  

After general conference and attempts at naps, we headed to Santaquin for the final celebration.  As usual, my parents did not disappoint.  Easter dinner was delicious and of course, the egg hunt was an adventure.  
I promise these girls were having fun. 

See, that's more like it. 

Thanks dad for making sure no one found 
Any unwanted surprises. 

Luke insisted on the mask for Easter egg hunting,
It must have provided the magic.

Clearly Tim was a little excited about money in the eggs.

Best part about the weekend?
Plenty of time with this guy....

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