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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Luke's Big Day

My mom has always made a big deal about our birthdays.....when we were kids she would always break out the "Happy Smurfday" banner, and you got to choose all of your favorites for the day. Luke's birthday was so much fun this year because he was old enough to get excited and understand that it was a special day.  We had celebrated Gavin's birthday a few days earlier so Luke was anxious to have his turn with the festivities.

I usually leave early for the gym, but on the morning of Luke's birthday, I stayed at home and was there when he woke up.  As soon as he woke up he said "it's my birthday" and wanted to go open his presents.  He had been telling me that he wanted a Spiderman hat and immediately went to look to see if it was one of the gifts.  We had waffles and chocolate milk and it was really just a magical morning.  

Luke wanted a "Baymax" birthday and was very excited about his balloons and new Baymax toy.

He was so excited about his new Spiderman hat.  He said that Ruby could now wear his old hat because it was too small. 
Because his birthday fell on a weekday, we decided that the easiest way to celebrate would be to have a party that someone else planned and prepared.  We went to Nickel City and everyone really had the best time.  It was so fun to watch all of he kids interact and experience the games.  We were thrilled to have so much support and Luke loved being the center of attention.

Luke was so excited that Brycen was able to come.

My mom loves this game, as soon as she got her nickels she went straight there.
The shooting games were by far the most popular with the boys.

I'm not sure who was more excited about the air hockey, grandpa or the kids.
Everybody, jump, jump

Way too serious for a party.
Dinner and games were fun, but the kids were all the most excited for the birthday cake.  The cakes for all of Luke's birthdays have been made by the same woman and once again, she did an amazing job.  Of course the best part of the night.....blowing out the candles.



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