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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Boston - The City

It has been a long time since I have been in a big city and although  I don't think I would ever want to live there full time, I loved being there for a vacation. This was my view for several days last week when I had the chance to spend time in Boston with Sean and my parents.  We went for the marathon, but also experienced some of the best the city had to offer.

What better way to start the adventure than with a family selfie.

It is tradition for the Red Sox to play on the weekend of the marathon.  Saturday night we waded through the crowds and headed to the game.  When we have gone to Boston in the past, we have never thought ahead to get tickets for a game so this was  a big first.  Fenway Park is the oldest ballpark in major league baseball, and really has such a great feel.  The fans were fantastic and several locals stopped to wish Sean luck.  We even got a first timer pin when I mentioned to an usher that we were newbies at Fenway.  The Yankees ended up losing, but the entire experience was a win.

My mom and I had talked about going to the Boston Museum of Art on Sunday but had not ever made a definite plan.  I ended up sleeping in, we went and got lunch and finally decided to go to the museum with a very short window of time for our visit.  I hadn't done any reading ahead of time and really wasn't sure what we were even going to see.  That was a mistake.  The museum is pretty incredible and we were definitely regretting all the time we wasted that morning.  With a map and a lot of questions of the docents, we saw a lot of different galleries and works in a very short time.

The Hokusai exhibit had just opened a few days earlier.
He was so prolific, we could have spent all day just in this hall.

A lot of his work was done with prints made from wooden carvings,
The entire process was fascinating.  

The exhibit of American Folk Art has super interesting pieces,
Can you see the pig's fangs?

Of all of the art, this was my favorite,

We have heard so much about the Boston Duck Tours and decided it was a great way to see the city while keeping everyone's legs fresh.  It was really fun.  In a fairly short period of time we saw a lot of sites and really got a better perspective for how the city is laid out. 

When he asked if anyone wanted to drive the boat,
Of course my mom was the first to volunteer.

The North End is famous for its food and we were not disappointed.  We stuck with the classics, Italian for dinner and cannoli from Modern Pastry.

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