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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Dinosaur Museum

Saturday morning I decided that I wanted to take the kids to Thanksgiving Point to see the dinosaur museum.  By the time we got breakfast, everyone dressed, and a few treats packed, both kids were lying on the floor screaming and I about decided just to put them to bed and forget the adventure. Instead, I took a deep breath, loaded them in the car, and headed out.  Definitely a great choice.  The last time we went there Luke was about Ruby's age and was so much more fun to watch today.  He was fascinated with all of the dinosaur bones, especially the ones with teeth and the largest of the skeletons.  I loved experiencing it through his eyes as he ran from place to place showing me the best parts.  Ruby's favorite part seemed to be when she got out of her stroller and played with the toy dinosaurs. Sometimes I wish I could get in her head, I can only imagine her reactions to everything she was seeing.  The entire way home Luke kept telling me that the dinosaur museum was so fun, and that he loved it.  Definitely a fun afternoon with my babies.

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