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Sunday, February 15, 2015

January in Review 2015

Somehow January came and went and before I realized, it's mid-February.  I am trying to get better at recording events as they happen, but I have loved these monthly catch ups as a reminder of what we have been doing.

Lately we seem to take more and more "selfies".  The babies are not very cooperative when it comes to sitting still for a picture.  But I discovered that if I turn the camera around, they love to look at themselves.  It may not be the exact perspective I would choose, but at least we get the shot.

Luke absolutely loves to go play with the friends (daycare at the gym).  Every morning he asks when it is time to go.  With costumes like this, who wouldn't have a great time.  

Show me your muscles!

At the very beginning of January, before the kids went back to school, we went to The Museum of Natural Curiosity.  It was us and nearly all of Utah County.  I'm not even quite sure all the activities they have available because it was sooo crowded.  We did find a few activities though with some space and the kids had a great time. 

Tim and Taylor met us for burgers and shakes after the museum. 

Brycen is no longer a kid.....we have another teenager in the family.
He loved the globe he got for his 13th birthday.

Luke and I had a great time doing color collages.
For about a month he wore his mittens all day and everywhere.
I'm glad I got a picture to remember. 

Along with the mittens he has a complete obsession
With superheros, we have pajamas, shirts, lamps, backpacks, and capes.

Dinner with the boys.

While I worked one day, 
Tim and the kids all went to the aquarium.
Luke loved the fish.

They looked so cute in their church clothes,
I just wanted one good shot.
Zero cooperation.

Luke was so happy to have a mustache like dada

My world!

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