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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Love Is More Than Just a Game For Two

Growing up my mom never liked to make a very big deal over Valentines day.  She always said that we should show our love to people every day.  Agreed.  However, I do like having a day to focus on those we love.  Lately Luke has started talking about "our family".  Any time he sees a picture of us he gets excited and wants to name everyone in our family.  When I started this blog several years ago it was just me.  I was happy and had a great life, but I am so grateful to have added so much more love (and a little crazy) to my world.  Our family = love.

Everyone says how much fun it is to dress little girls, probably because it is true.  Nothing better than Miss Ruby and a little pretty in pink to get into the holiday spirit.

When I woke up very early Valentines morning, this was the first thing I saw.  Tim's thoughtful gift definitely started the day off right.

Why was I up so early?  Oh, just a little Valentines run with this cute one.  She had to work early and convinced me that we should run early.  Of course we both dressed in our best Valentines running gear.  Jesse brought me a ginger shot and I'm not sure what kind of magic was in it, but I had a fabulous run and got home about the time everyone was waking up.

The babies and I went to Barnes and Noble for a special Valentines story time.  They read a really cute Elmo story, complete with a puppet which the kids loved.  After the story, they colored Valentines, then played with the train set.  I loved having the afternoon just to hang out with my babies.

Jesse had agreed to babysit the kids and I was super excited about a night out with Tim.  However, about the time we were getting ready to go, out plans took a little bit of a detour.  Ruby had been slightly feverish for two days but then woke up from her nap with a really high fever.  We called the doctor and they said she needed to be seen - besides, I would have been too worried to leave her home.  So, we ran to the mall to do a quick exchange and then spent most of the evening in the doctor's office.  No serious infection, but she did have a breathing treatment for bronchitis.  Tim took care of dinner with takeout from Outback and we salvaged the night with dinner and TV on the couch.  Maybe not the intended plan, but I really was just grateful to have a day with my loves.

With all the chaos, I realized that I didn't get a single picture of Tim and I, so here is a throw back to a favorite.

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