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Monday, January 5, 2015

Ruby 15 Months

As I sat and watched my fiercely independent little one cruise around church today - not in any way concerned if we were following or even in the same room - I cried a little and mourned that she is definitely no longer an infant.  Over the past few months her personality has emerged and she is quickly becoming her own little soul. It makes me sad to lose my baby, but at the same time, I love seeing her progress and development and all that she can do. Whenever she figures out a new trick, I don't know who is more proud, me or her.  The look on her face when she finally succeeds is priceless.  Lately I have started calling her the Tornado because she just blows through rooms, full speed, usually leaving a path of destruction.  It is interesting to watch how different she and Luke's personalities are.  He follows her around, cleaning up and trying to keep her from falling down the stairs, falling off the couch, etc. and she is completely oblivious.  One of the phrases we hear most from him is "No No Ruby".  She has become a total tease with all of us. She knows which toys are Luke's favorites and if she gets the chance, she sneaks the toy and runs.  With Tim and I she will wait to do something naughty, like empty the cupboards, dig in the trash, etc. until she knows that one of us is watching.  Then she plows ahead, giggling the whole time.

Now, on to some of her tricks and stats:
Weighs 23 pounds, wearing 18 month old clothes.
Her favorite word is "that".  It applies to almost any object and she is usually very specific about which "that" she means.
She also says ball, banana, grandpa, and makes a specific sound for "drink".  Tried to imitate Tim and say tubby tub.
Can say that the owl says "whooo"
Whenever she toots she laughs like crazy - how do kids know that toots are funny?
Had another round of ear infections, this time with strep throat.  She had a high fever and was quite lethargic.  Poor baby.
She is starting to play more with toys, especially dolls, she packs them around and loves them and puts them in the crib that Grandma Whitesides made for her.

This little one loves to swing and go down the slide,
The park is one of her favorite places.

I consider this her "First Halloween" since she was so little last year.
She loved the idea of candy and spending time with cousins.

This little shopping cart has been one of the favorite toys for both kids.
It is cute to see her play, she pretends to eat the food and cook in the pots,
And of course, tear around the house with the cart.

Ruby loves hats, any kind, any size.
She especially loves to wear Tim's hat and Luke's fireman helmet.

Tim and I are completely smitten by this little Ruby McKena.

Her first chance to dress up as a Disney Princess,
Just the wig, not the full costume, but she still loved being Elsa.

Christmas with this little one was magical.
She loved the lights, she loved the sounds, she loved the presents.

Unfortunately, she did not love sitting with Santa.

The grandmas love their girl!

Turns out this little one loves carbs,
Just give her the whole loaf!

Oh, and popcorn.....
I think the movie is her new favorite place, purely for the popcorn.

Erika gave her a pack of bracelets for Christmas,
I think it was her favorite gift,
Moments like this make me think that she is all girl.

And then there is her obsession with the truck....

What is it about this age and their fascination with the bathroom - everything in the bathroom!  Ruby loves to dig in the garbage, unroll the toilet paper, and if the toilet seat is left up, it is like an irresistible magnet pulls her right to the bathroom.  The clothes in toilet was a new trick, nothing like a little toilet laundry.  We also recently had our first poop in the tub.  And by first, I mean it never happened with Luke so this was new territory.  The two kids were in the tub together when it all of a sudden appeared, I was trying to get them both out while laughing and being grossed out all at the same time. 

Who doesn't love a good selfie?
Ruby is fascinated, and loves when she can see herself in my phone.

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