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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mexico 2015

See, the trick to writing about a trip to Mexico is to do it quick, you should write while you still have tan lines, and haven't lost the amazing feeling of the sun and sand.  Unfortunately, I have waited too long and am having a hard time figuring out how to catch the magic of the vacation while surrounded by gray skies and a never ending "to do" list.  Hmmmm, this picture should help........

For the past three years, ever since we got home from our last trip together to Mexico, my parents have been suggesting another getaway.  Tim started that hunt early and after a lot of looking, found the perfect beach front condo at our favorite resort, The Royal Haciendas.  Going with my parents made it a little more difficult to leave the babies but Tim's parents graciously agreed to come stay at our house and spend the week with Luke and Ruby.  I really worried about leaving them, they are now old enough to miss us, but the lure of a week on the beach was too alluring not to go.  So, we packed up our stuff (way too much stuff, I am a self diagnosed, chronic over-packer), and headed out.  Nothing better than leaving the mountains behind and landing over the ocean.  

We made it through the chaos of the Cancun airport without any real complications, found our shuttle, and after a short van ride, arrived in paradise.  The resort was just as we left it the last time, absolutely beautiful.  


The view from our balcony,
Worth every penny.

The first day was really cloudy and rainy.  We were all pretty patient with the weather.  Tim and I hung out in the hot tub on our balcony, and even took a long afternoon nap.

Once the rain cleared, Tim took advantage of the empty beaches
And went out metal detecting,
His finds for the day...

Sun or no sun,
I was still excited to get started on my books,
Oh, and jump start on a week full of beach selfies.

We outlasted everyone else on the beach,

The second morning started off cloudy and I began to get nervous, but then the sun came out and it was game on.  The resort came to life, and I settled in for a week of fun in the sun.  Ok, really a week of relaxing and reading, but that is my kind of fun.

My parents found the water volleyball,
And my mom already knew her way to water aerobics.

And of course, the pool bar.

I was the only one willing/able to lie around all day.  My parents went on bike rides and explored town.  Tim ran to Playa, rode a bike to Playa, and explored various beaches with his metal detector.

Our condo had a full kitchen so we ate a lot of sandwiches, eggs, and other easy meals.  We did venture into Playa for dinner one night, and had a great meal at the resort on our last night.

I don't think this is the fish I ate, but you never know.

Until next time....adios and buena suerte.

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