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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Books for 2014

I love looking back and remembering the books I have read throughout the year.  I often associate a book with where I was, or specific things that were going on when I read it.  Going back through this list not only brought back a lot of memories about the book, but also about the last year of my life.  I tried to pick my favorite book of the year and had a really hard time choosing between The Girl You Left Behind and What Alice Forgot.  Both were amazing.  But What Alice Forgot not only made me feel so much, I could completely relate to the protagonist's life and I felt like it made me want to become a better person, so What Alice Forgot gets the top honors of the year.
*I finished more books than last year which makes me especially happy.

The Sociopath Next Door B+ (Amy and I are fascinated by sociopaths, this book both amazed and terrified us)
The Dinner A- (I started this book on the trip to Mexico and had finished it by our second day there.  I originally said it was "stupid", but I'm still thinking about it which means it must have been pretty great.)
The Giver B
The Forgotten Garden B+
The Storyteller B-
The Cellest of Sareajvo B+(First book for our newly formed book group.  I don't understand people who don't love books)
Zen Under Fire  (Tim took me on a surprise anniversary getaway to Park City and I spent three days straight lying by the pool, reading this book)
Astonish Me B+
Brain on Fire B+
Gone Girl A (This book horrified and fascinated me.  I am happy that I live such a boring suburban life since the alternative is so terrifying)
Rain Reign A- (I gave this book to Ada for Christmas and three days she had finished reading.  It makes my heart so happy that she loves to read like I did.

Me Before You A-
Eleanor and Park B-
The Girl You Left Behind A+ (I did most of my long runs for the Ogden Marathon out on the airport road while listening to this book)
Lean Mean Thirteen B
What Alice Forgot A+ (I was running the Provo River Trail for the last hour of this book and literally had to stop several times because I was sobbing so hard.  I just kept hoping that it would appear that I was struggling with my breathing and no one would ask me if I was alright)
A Town Like Alice A
The Brass Verdict B+ (This played as the soundtrack to our Park City getaway)
The Shifting Fog B (We went camping over the Fourth of July to the Gurney's property -  I started this book while on a run with dad and Jarin)
Ordinary Grace A
One Plus One B
The Husband's Secret A-
Lone Survivor B+ (This has impacted the way I view nearly ever news story about combat)
Cuckoo Calling A- (I was so pleased to learn that JK Rowling had more in her head than just Harry Potter)
The Invention of Wings (Had the amazing experience of finishing this while running on Christmas morning)

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