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Friday, January 30, 2015

Mexico Xel-Ha

While in Mexico, I rarely choose to leave the resort - let's be honest, I rarely leave my beach chair. Xel-Ha has become a favorite place to visit and is fun enough to make it worth missing a day of relaxing and reading.  Ok, so a day at Xel-Ha isn't exactly tough, but we do spend the day pretty busy.  The park has so much to see and do and we usually leave with the feeling that we could have spent several more hours.

Showing off our traditional dress.

See that cliff in the background where people are getting ready to jump?  It doesn't look very high because of our perspective - we are on a bridge.  But believe me, it is high.  While floating down the river we decided to stop and jump off the cliff.  We headed up the path and Tim walked right up to the edge and jumped.  I thought I would do the same but as soon as I got to the edge I totally froze and couldn't do it.  I ended up standing up there, watching numerous people come and go and getting more and more freaked out.  I ended up making friends with two other girls who were equally squared and we all eventually jumped.  So fun, but I don't think I will do it again.  

This year they had a new attraction, zip bikes that let you ride through the jungle.  It was a really cool to see the jungle up close.  

We had a great time on the rope swing.  I was pretty impressed with my skills.  Tim and my dad were much more impressive but we didn't get any still photos of them.  

  Xel-Ha 2015 was a great time.

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