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Thursday, October 2, 2014

September 2014

We have had a fabulous month, trying to enjoy the last days of sunshine before the winter hits. It seems like everyone is growing up so quickly and sometimes I just want to freeze time and enjoy our current stage.  Since that unlikely, I guess some photos and memories will have to do.

No better way to start off September than to celebrate Onion Days.  I'm not sure how I ended up with so few photos, but I had to include what I have to remember the day.  The kids loved the parade, especially when Ada came by with her clogging group.

Calvin celebrated his 7th birthday in style at Nickelcade.  I wasn't sure if Luke would care much about the party, but he absolutely loved it.  I'm not sure he understood the value of wining tickets, but he definitely loved seeing them come out of the machine.  Grandpa was a pro and helped he and Gavin win enough to cash in for some fun prizes.

It was so much fun that the boys went back a few weeks later for more action.

Lots of time outside.

My boy is getting so big, but he is still willing to spend some time hanging out with his mama.

Ever since Tim and I met, he has been looking at and wishing on jeeps.  After years of looking, he found exactly what he was looking for and is like a kid with a new toy.  The babies love to ride in it and we have already spent a lot of time enjoying the changing scenery.  Here's to years of adventures and jeeping.

Tim and Brycen went to the Scout Camparee in Ogden Canyon.

We celebrated Erika's 17th birthday with sushi!
She got a new camera and I can hardly wait to see all of the great shots she will be taking. 

In addition to fitting in some long runs for the marathon, I've worked hard to get in some long rides so that I could do the Wonder Woman Ride.  I'm not sure most people would call spending all day on a bike a good time, but I thought it was great.  They had a couple of different mileage options and my mom and Jami signed up for the 70 miler.  I wanted to get in 100 so I started early and rode some extra then joined up with the rest of the group.  After a few miles we got separated based on speed and my mom and I were on our own.  I was so proud of her.  The furthest she had ever ridden was 50 miles, so to finish 70 was huge.  When we made it to the finish line, everyone who had finished was there waiting to cheer us on.  I'm so lucky to have such supportive, strong women in my life. 

I guess strong runs in the family.  Sean completed his 39th marathon, in the rain, and got a PR.  Amazing!

Taylor is no longer a teenager.  No better way to celebrate than Pina Colada cake and Dickies.

Some of my favorite shots from Tim's jeeping adventures.

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