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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fall Colors

Fall in Utah is really pretty spectacular.  This year has been especially great, with practically perfect weather - warm days and cool nights.  We have had beautiful skies during the day and amazing sunrises and sunsets.  Tim's Jeep purchase has come in handy and we have spent a lot of time in the mountains.  How could you tire of these views?

Tim and the big boys headed out for a little adventure.  They said they would scope out some roads for us to make sure they were safe for the "women and children"

Sunday afternoon before Ruby's party, Tim took Erika, Clark and Brycen up to our favorite area near Squaw Peak.  They all make the scenery look especially amazing.

Last Saturday Tim and I and the babies spent a bumpy 4-5 hours on the road between Hobble Creek Canyon and Squaw Peak.  When I say bumpy, I mean jarring and bruise inducing.  Luke was frequently worried that we were going to "fall off", but Ruby didn't even seem to notice.  I would have preferred a smooth road, but the rocking and rolling was definitely worth it for the amazing views and time in the Jeep with the family.


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