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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Mt. Nebo Half Marathon

They say it takes a village to raise a child.....I think being part of a village generally makes life better for everyone involved.  I feel like it is such a blessing to live close to so many members of my family. The kids are lucky to be growing up with those connections, and Tim and I definitely benefit from the support.  Case in point, we decided we wanted to run the Mt. Nebo Half Marathon.  My parents let us stay at their house, then took care of the babies when we left.  I told my mom that it might be too much to get the kids over to the race so early and she didn't need to come.  But, true to form, when I finished the race, there were my mom, my babies, Jami and all of her kids (who were so cute and ran the last lap of the track with me).  It is amazing to have this type of support that not only lets me run and do the events, but makes me feel like a superstar.

Most of us planned to run the actual race separately, but after running Hobble Creek alone, it was much more fun to have the pre-race with my people.  The race started really early and we definitely were not on our A game to take a group shot at the top.  All that time standing in line for porta potties and we didn't think about even trying to take one until right before the race started.  I'm not sure why we didn't have someone else take the picture so Jarin could be with the group - did I mention it was early?

The race started and Tim was off like a shot, he took advantage of the downhill speed and never looked back.  He ran a PR which was especially impressive since this was his first long run of the summer.  Jarin started out with Jess and Alicia and I took my place towards the back.  I had been sick all week and a little worried about how awful I had been feeling.  But race day adrenaline is great and I was surprised to not feel too bad.  I tried to not focus too much on my watch and just ran the first few miles based on how I felt.  I eventually settled in with the 1:55 pacers and stuck with them for about 8 miles.  I could eventually feel them pulling away and I decided it would be smartest to slow a little.  The course is mostly down hill but towards the end of the canyon there are some flats and a few little uphills.  Right about the time I started to struggle, my dad appeared around a canyon - of course running up hill.  I was so excited to see him.  He ran and encouraged and kept me company for the rest of the race. I'm sure I could have done it on my own, but it was so much better with his support.  He had me feeling so good that I sprinted the last lap around the track and passed a few other runners.  I finished with a 2:01 which was much faster than I had hoped for.  Tim was amazing at 1:33.  Jesse and Alicia were impressive in their first half marathon and Jarin proved to be the perfect pacer.

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Kristen said...

Wow!!! I'm so impressed. You are one athletic chic. Keep up the great work!