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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Ruby One Year

"Being a mother is not abut what you gave up to have a child, but what you've gained from having one."

Being the mama to this little one for the past year has given me more than I thought possible.  Every month I have said how quickly time was passing, but I've just resigned myself to feel like my babies are growing up way faster than I would like.  I miss the infant stages, but seeing her emerging personality has been so much fun.  The girl is a tease.  She loves to take things she think you want and then takes off crawling as quickly as she can - laughing all the way.  She laughs hysterically and does her best to squirm off the table when we are trying to change her.  The cutest thing she started doing is making kissing noises, she is happy to give kisses to her Piggie Pig, her dolly, and sometimes her mom and dad if we are lucky.  Every once in a while she says "mama", but "dada" is definitely her favorite word - she yells and laughs and says it repeatedly.  Surprisingly, with all this personality, she has developed some shyness.  With people she doesn't know well she looks down, avoids eye contact and generally pulls an ostrich impression.  Most of the time thought it doesn't take too much to get her to be friendly.

I think Ruby is finally becoming interested in learning to walk.  She pulls herself up on anything stable and has started walking around the furniture.  If we hold her hands she is willing to walk a few steps but the usually flops to the ground and crawls, acting like walking is just too big of a hassle.  I would just like her to walk so she could stop being  the mop for every floor she encounters.  

This little girl has our hearts and we couldn't be happier to have her in our family.

And just like that....she is a little girl.

Ruby has become super mobile, which often results in some funny predicaments.
She crawled under the bar stool and then couldn't quite figure out how to get out.
Unfortunately, the kitchen has become somewhat of a danger zone.
In addition to the stools, she keeps getting her fingers shut in the same drawer.

Most of the time I love to watch Luke and Ruby interact,
Luke loves to give her hugs and when we go to another room
He yells out, "c'mon Ruby" and makes sure she follows. is not all rainbows and unicorns,
He has a tough time sharing and doesn't quite understand gentle.
I think we may be in for a lifetime of refereeing.

Anytime Ruby can be outside she is a happy girl,
Throw in grandma and an otter pop and her life is pretty much perfect.

I consider her a really health baby, but Ruby has had a few health issues this month.
She developed a bad rash all over her back with no explanation.
Ruby also had another several days of fever, one night 103.8
And another catheter to test for a kidney/bladder infection.
The results were not severe enough to treat, 
But she certainly has had her mama concerned.

Ruby is starting to get really interested in books, 
She pays attention when you read and
Especially likes books with any type of texture she can touch.

This just cracked me up because she looked so intent studying the menu.

I really could take pictures like this almost every night,
Always a funky position, and always with her Piggie Pig.

The girl loves to eat, and will help herself if you aren't quick enough.
These were actually two different times that she somehow 
Reached the yogurt that I left on the counter.
She just looked at me so innocently when I came in 
To find her covered in yogurt.

She's kind of a ham sometimes.

I could have filled the blog with the outtakes from her 12 month shoot,
She had no interest in sitting still, looking at the camera, or making it easy.

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