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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Ruby Ten Months

Over the last month it feels like Ruby has grown up so much. She is completely mobile and her personality is blossoming.  It has been so fun to watch her explore her world and discover so many new sights, touches and sounds.  Baby girl is always on the go.  She can go from laying to sitting, to crawling and any other combination.  We had to get the gate out for the stairs because she is all over the house.   If I'm being honest though, it kind of makes me sad.  I just want to sit and cuddle and rock her and she is already getting too squirmy and thinks she is too old for her mama's loves.
Earlier in the month Ruby had a well visit check with the doctor.  Since her ear infection a month earlier, she had gained 2 pounds.  She shot up to 75th percentile of weight and is still quite tall.  I wasn't at all surprised because currently it seems like she is hungry constantly.  She will usually eat several different items per meal and has been known to eat a full banana.  Maybe it's the new teeth that have made her want to be fed so much - she cut four teeth in about a week time period.  Luckily she was only mildly fussy so hopefully she wasn't too uncomfortable.  Ruby has several new tricks when eating.  She has been spitting/blowing raspberries for quite awhile but now she waits till her mouth is full, spews food everywhere and then squeals and laughs.  She also has started dropping anything she can just to get me to pick it up so she can drop it again.  She is so funny about it that I can hardly deny her the fun
Ruby is starting to pay more attention to stories and is interested is some of the more basic books that we have.  It is a little tough to read to both her and Luke together though because she grabs the book and he gets mad.  Overall the interaction between the two of them has become so fun to watch.  Luke often has to be reminded to be soft, but they laugh and play and chase each other.  They seem to already have their own way of communicating - I love that they will be friends and can hardly wait to see their relationship grow.
Happy ten months baby girl.

This look on her face cracks me up.

Check out that mouthful of teeth.

This mama loves her girl!

I seriously could take a picture like this almost every night,
She is the craziest sleeper, and piggie is always along for the adventure.


The babies stayed with Grandma and Grandpa
For a few days while we took the big kids to Jackson Hole
Everyone was ready for night night.

Ruby has spent plenty of time hanging out with her bestie Juniper

First fireworks...she was mesmerized.

Lovin the parade with Grandpa

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