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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Palisade Camping

When my parents bough a trailer this spring, they said that one of the purposes was to get us to go camping. It is well known that I am not into dirt camping and really would just prefer a nice hotel.  However, I don't want my kids to miss out on the fun - camping as a kid is great - so I have tried to be a little more excited about camping.  One of my parents' favorite places to camp is at Palisade State Park.  There is a lake, golf course, paved roads and lots of grass.  For a non camper it sounded pretty much perfect.  We loaded up the kids and the car and headed out.  The location was really great, pretty, and cool and just far enough away to feel like you were in nature.  And of course, with a lot of family around, what could be more fun?
Overall it was great - lots of time in the water, fishing, good meals to counteract the camping junk food, golfing for some, and just enjoying the fact of being together without anywhere to go.  It was just those few hours when most people would be sleeping that were a little tough.  We though we were being more prepared by taking a porta crib for Luke, it was great, we just needed a second one for Ruby.  Tim volunteered to sleep in the tent with Brycen and Taylor but I thought he should get to enjoy the babies with me.  Ruby ended up getting sick, and Luke had night terrors, but no one voted us off the island and said we still had our standing invite.  Looks like plenty more camping trips in our future.....maybe that's not such a bad thing.

Camping = Easy Living

The sister cousins
No her mouth isn't injured,
She somehow snuck her hand into the Nutella.
Pretty sure she thought camping was great.
Painted nails and big boy panties.
After a night of no sleep, we both needed a long walk around the lake.

Plenty of fun at the lake.

The last morning we were there was Tim and Ada's birthday.
Ada, Jarin and I celebrated with the Birthday 5k
Tim tried to celebrate by getting a  little extra sleep.
I somehow missed the amazing breakfast Jarin made for Tim to celebrate
And we didn't even take a birthday boy picture.
We did celebrate and get some pics that night and the next day.

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