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Friday, August 1, 2014

July 2014

I'm more than a little sad to see this July end.  It has been a great one and now that all of the festivities, vacations, etc. are over, it feels like we are on a downhill slide to winter.  The days are already getting shorter, it's dark when I leave my house, and I really just want it to be summer forever.  Isn't there a quote about having fun in the summer so you have memories in the winter?  If there isn't, there should be, and our July will definitely hold a lot of great memories.  The 4th of July and Jackson Hole merited their own posts, but the rest of the month was pretty stellar.

Family selfies on the porch.

Luke's first haircut by daddy.

The haircut looked great.

Le Mis at the Scera Shell with my mom.
The evening was beautiful and it was a great performance.

Nothing better than when the babies visit me at work.
I'm sure Luke was happy to see me but
Mostly he just wanted to play in the pond.

Celebrated Boyd's 75th birthday,
Where else besides Cherry Hill?

Spent a morning at the Bean Museum
It was recently renovated, we were really impressed with the new exhibits.
The kids loved it.

Tim, carrying on the Whitesides tradition of
Homemade icecream on Sunday.

Stuck with tradition and ran my favorite 10k to start Pioneer Day
The Speedy Spaniard never disappoints

Everyone else slept in and joined the celebration at the parade.

To beat the heat we spent the rest of the day indoors,
Lunch, a movie, and shopping at the mall.

The sister cousins loved the celebrations.

We have spent lots of time outside so that 
Luke can ride his bike.

Surprise visit by Erik and Brycen,
Luke loves his big brother and sister

Tim and I went to the Tim McGraw concert,
A late celebration of our anniversary.

Mona Days fireworks, always worth the drive.
Both kids were fascinated and 
I was so content snuggling the babies and
Watching the celebration with my family.

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