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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Six Months

Six months...half a year...180 days..any way you say it, I can hardly believe Luke is already six months old.  I still tell people that I have a newborn.  We were looking at pictures tonight from the day he was born, I can't believe how small he was and how much joy he brought us immediately.  Sometimes it feels like we just brought him home yesterday and other times it feels like he has always been a part of us. What I do know for sure is that he is the center of our world...I love him in a way that I never knew was possible.  While I'm at work Tim will often send me pictures of the boy and what they have been doing  - it sometimes makes it hard for me to breathe and I can't imagine how he could possibly be cuter.  He's had some big moments this month - he keeps growing like crazy and has moved on to size 4 diapers.  He has been spending more time on his belly and on the 10th had his first big milestone, he rolled over.  It was great, we made him do it several times so we could record it, every time he thought he was quite the superstar.  He has his own little personality and is starting to get feisty when he doesn't want to do something.  Hmmm, wonder where he gets that.  He has discovered mirrors and loves to watch himself and his reactions.  We read a lot of books and he already is learning to laugh at the funny parts.  We are grateful for every minute we get with him and love seeing him progress.

He loves his Grandma Whitesides
We are lucky that he gets to spend a lot of time
With her and grandpa.
He now has a big boy high chair
His new bouncer, love at first sight
Loves his blankie 
Cheered for mom and dad at his
First St. George Marathon
Mama's best boy!
On the day he was born Tim took me to
In and Out Burger for lunch while I was contracting
This weekend we went back for an
Anniversary lunch
Luke loved it


Anonymous said...

Great photos!!! Great boy. Time flies.... Congrats! 18 years will be here before you know it... :(

Monica said...

Seriously, I can't believe your "baby girl" is 18.