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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Time For a Bigger Vehicle

When I left work yesterday, it was just me and lots of gym clothes/workout gear in my Pathfinder. Tim called and said that he and the kids were on the river trail running and would I pick them up. I did some quick rearranging but when I got there realized that they had Everest with them and B was on his bike. Did some additional rearranging and we were on our way. Oh, except we had to stop at Costco. I always seem to leave Costco with at least twice a many things as I ever intended to buy and last night was no different. (On a side note, the guy in front of us only had a bunch of bananas, seriously, who goes to Costco and gets out with just bananas).

Anyway, we got to the car and, "Houston, we have a problem". Poor Everest had already been squashed in between the bike and the car window, now add OJ and potatoes to the mix. Everyone but the driver had a LARGE box full of food on their lap. It was pretty comical. Of course I made them stay put when we got home so that I could document the moment.

Everest didn't care about the photo op, he was outta there.

1 comment:

Julia said...

hahaha! love the visuals! this kinda sounds like my car some days. except I live alone. oops! haha!