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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Awesome Attitude

This post is a little overdue, oops. This is the ever so cute Ada. She has been taking clogging lessons and competing with her studio for the past year. Before going on summer break they had a big spring dance review. It was seriously one of the most fun performances I have watched in a long time. I've never clogged but that didn't stop me from wanting to get up and join.
Ada, of course was brilliant. She knew all the moves and is a natural born performer. The best part though came at the end. Apparently they have talked all year in their classes about having an "awesome attitude", meaning working hard, being positive, arriving on time, etc. Each class voted on who should receive the award. Do you see that big trophy in Ada's arms, she is Miss Awesome Attitude. Way to go Ada, great example for all of us.

I kind of wish she would stay little forever, she is so stinking cute.

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Julia said...

what an amazing award!! and she really is adorable! congrats to Ada for being a great example for all of us!