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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Four Wheels Are Better Than Two Sometimes

Last weekend we upped the ante with our ride, we added a run at the end. Tim and I and my brother are doing a triathlon at the end of July and we decided we better get our legs used to the shock of getting of the bike and running. It would probably have felt a lot better if we had started a little earlier. By the time we got around to the running it was blazing and miserable. We got it done though, 40 mile ride, 3.5 mile run.

Friday night we went four wheeling up Mona Pole Canyon.

It is not the type of place to hike or run, definitely not appropriate for a push bike, but perfect for four wheelers. We went with my parents and friends Eran and Hannah and their daughter Sydney. About a mile or so into the canyon it hit me, the's indescribable, but it is the smell of summer, of a canyon, pretty much the smell of heaven. We had a fabulous time, no major mishaps and only a little dust in the eyes and hair.

Mom and Dad


A perfect spot to stop for dinner.

The mountain air is inspiring.


Julia said...

beautiful pics! and awesome workout!! when is your tri? and which one are you doing??

ramsam said...

Mmm! That looks so perfect right now!!!

eran said...

I guess I should up load my photos... None of my videos turned out. I think the battery was dead.