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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Chivalry is Not Dead

So this is another gym story. Trust me, they are way more entertaining than work stories. Friday I was riding the stationary bike, the best part about that is that I can catch up on all of my magazines. One of my pet peeves is all of the inserts that come in magazines, first thing I do is rip them out. I had several ads and postcards that I had dropped on the ground by my bike as well as several kleenex (if you know me well, you will understand that). An older gentleman came walking by after getting his wife situated on her bike. He's probably about 75-80, but still has a total strong man look to him. Anyway, he stopped and asked if he could pick up my trash. I gave an embarrassed laugh and told him now, of course I would clean it up when I was done. He said that I should let him be a gentleman and let him pick up my trash. Since I couldn't come up with a response to that, I let him clean up. I was slightly embarrassed, but appreciated the sweet gesture. I have been thinking a lot about him. The world would be such a better place if we all had his attitude:go out of your way to serve others and clean up any mess you can, even if they are not your responsibility.

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ramsam said...

How cute that he insisted he wanted to be a gentleman. That is rare, I think. I wish it weren't!