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Sunday, June 4, 2017

May Miscellaneous 2017

May has been a fantastic month - we have been busy with big events and also just plenty of everyday life and fun.  The kids have had lots of "firsts" and plenty of time with friends.  Between their ages, the weather, and everything else, I really wish I could freeze time and enjoy it all a little longer.

The best and biggest news of May is that Luke learned to ride a two wheeler without training wheels. It was kind of afternoon he decided that he wanted to take off the training wheels and by the next morning, he was riding around like a big boy, loving his new found freedom.  We have a really small bike that was easier for him to learn on, but he can ride both his small and bigger bike. Luke has been really good about wearing a helmet but I am still pretty nervous about his ability to watch for cars and other dangers.  He's only allowed to ride if a parent is outside with him so we (Tim) currently spend a lot of time in the front yard.  There are definitely worse things in life.

She may not be independent yet, but she still finds a way to get around. 

Ruby has a new princess big girl bike and is in love!

The kids have spent several afternoons playing with Grandma and Grandpa

Warm weather and playing outdoors also means a lot more "owies".  I think this injury was from a smashed finger at the school playground.  Luckily, band aids and ice will cure almost anything.

Now that he can ride his bikes like a big boy, Luke has become obsessed with keeping them clean. He routinely convinces Tim to turn on the sprinklers so he has a drive through car wash.  The rest of the time he uses paper towels or rags and whatever type of cleaner he can find.  Its pretty fantastic.

I have also spent a lot of time on my bike which has been heavenly!

Ruby was invited to a birthday party for a friend so after we dropped her off, Luke and I went to have an adventure.  He chose Slurpees and a walk by the river.  We had a fantastic time throwing rocks and playing with sticks. I love watching his little imagination at work.

Gavin invited us to his baptism and we were absolutely thrilled to be a part of such a special day. Luke completely idolizes Gavin and is already talking about when he can be baptized to be just like him.  We love his little personality and how hard he works to help take care of everyone else.  

With time and a lot of hard work (thank you Tim), our backyard has really become a great place to spend time - both for adults and especially the kids.  We finally have trees and landscaping and Tim and the kids even planted a small garden.  I love that there are places to play and that the kids constantly want to be in the back jumping, climbing or swinging.  

Sunday lessons with Grandpa

Sunday selfies are a real thing

Just a regular day...probably eating honey squares (peanut butter and honey sandwich with banana)

After several cancellations for weather, and plenty of great post game treats, spring soccer finished and we were all a little sad about it.  Luke isn't particularly aggressive when in a crowd, but he has a fantastic "big kick" and loved playing with his friends. 

Luke has been creating with his birthday present 
From Grandpa and Grandma Broadbent

More adventures on the river trail.

Ada's school dance recital was amazing!

During the month Luke had a few visits with Mrs. Lenore to work on his speech.  There are a few sounds that he couldn't say (mostly the C/K) and we couldn't figure out a way to help him say the sound properly.  After some testing and evaluations, he got set up to do some speech therapy and the results have been amazing.  He only went a few times but he has improved so much and figured out how to listen for errors and self correct.  I have been so proud to watch him work so hard!

Just an average evening with Darth Maul

Ruby thinks the new puppy's bed is soooo comfy

Hannah is the best sport!

Erika came to visit!  Since last August when she moved to Seattle, none of us except for Tim have seen her and we all miss her like crazy.  The kids were so excited to spend time with their big sister and Tim and I absolutely loved having her here - even for a short visit.

The cutest best buddies

Luke is so good to do his online preschool - usually without even being reminded.  He has loved the extra learning and help with letters and reading.  

Family home evening.....or something like that.  Kritsin Chenoweth was amazing!  We all loved it!

Ruby has mastered the selfie, 
There were about 25 more like this one

Since Luke got glasses, Ruby was convinced she needed her own.

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