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Monday, June 19, 2017

Father's Day Fun

We started celebrating Father's day on Saturday with Tim's family and continued the fun through Sunday.  I know some people complain that Father's Day and Mother's Day are too commercial and just a reason to spend money, but I love having time set apart to make a big deal over individuals who are so important.  The kids are convinced that the next celebration should be Kid's Day...I'm sure they are already planning their gifts and the party.

Tim's parents invited the family to Cherry Hill to spend time together and celebrate Father's Day.  His dad always makes such a big deal over everyone when they arrive and makes everyone feel so welcome.  You get a hug going and coming and he will do anything possible to accommodate and make sure everyone has a good time.  It was a great start to the weekend and I think the adults and kids all had a great time.  It was fun to visit with everyone and of course, the water was the highlight for the kids.  Luke and Ruby loved the dragon slide best - they even convinced me to go down by promising it would be "awesome".

Sunday morning we had big plans to celebrate our Daddy with a big breakfast....but first I had to get everyone to wake up.  After a long day swimming on Saturday, the kids were so so tired.  Luke was up first and was so excited to run and find his DaDa to tell him Happy Father's Day.  Ruby and Brycen were not too far behind.  Breakfast was Tim's request - scrambled eggs with cheese, bacon, and roll up pancakes with fruit and cream.  For Mother's Day Tim made our breakfast extra special by using my china and stemware.  Sunday morning we went the opposite direction and ate on paper plates.  Tim thought it was all pretty perfect since he got to spend the morning with his people. 

Brycen's brought a bag of Tim's favorites, including Peanut M&Ms and the babies chose fishing poles.  Somehow they ended up with their own poles and have been planning their first fishing trip ever since.  Luke has promised to share the fish he catches with me since I didn't get a pole. It is fairly typical of the type of dad Tim is that he would receive, and be excited about a present that benefits his kids more than him.  He is definitely the fun parent and never misses a chance to tell each of his kids, big and small, how amazing each is and how much he loves them.  

Sunday afternoon we 
Sunday afternoon we made our way down to Santaquin to finish the fun.  Granted, we have dinner together most Sundays, but this one was special because of the Father's Day label.  

For the past few years I have convinced all of the grandkids to take a picture with grandpa.  It actually doesn't take a lot of talking because they all adore him.  I really have been blessed with an amazing father.  He is smart and resourceful and can fix practically anything.  My dad is reserved and doesn't need to be the life of the party, but he is extremely interesting so people just like to be around him.  Growing up we often thought he was the meanest dad ever as he tried to instill his work ethic, but now I realize that it is one of the best gifts he ever gave us.  So it turns out that me and the kids have got some pretty great dads in our lives who definitely deserve the celebrations. 

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