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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Weekend Fun

Last weekend we were all thrilled to break up the winter blahs with a few fun activities.  Friday afternoon Grandma texted to say that Grandpa was in the backyard with the kids "sledding" with the four wheeler.  Luke and Ruby couldn't get ready fast enough.  They were so excited and the whole way there kept hoping that we would arrive before it got dark and everyone went inside.  At one point Luke even asked me if I could drive faster because he was so anxious to play.  Luckily we arrived with time to spare and the kids quickly got their snow gear on and ran out to play.  As an added bonus, they got to play with Roman and Sadie who were here from Arizona.  Despite the freezing cold, I had the best time watching my babies laugh and enjoy the snow.  They absolutely adored the rides - both in the sled and on the back of the four wheeler.  Of course Grandpa made it extra fun with snowball fights, Mr. and Mrs. Snowman and encouraging Uncle Craig to drive fast enough to make it extra exciting.   The kids were in heaven and refused to come inside, even when it was dark and we had to turn on the floodlights.  I think Grandma finally coaxed them in with promises of hot rolls and chocolate cake. 



On Sunday we were able to celebrate Roman's sixth birthday by hosting a party for all of the Broadbents and Bests.  Their Cat in the Hat theme was a big hit - apparently Roman loves The Cat in the Hat Knows That.  We had a houseful of people with a lot of rowdy kids who had the most fun playing together.  Apparently the main "game" was to turn off the lights downstairs and run around in the dark scaring each other.  Of course, opening presents and blowing out the candles on the birthday cake were the best part of the entire night.  Cousins really are the greatest.


Ruby and Sadie gathered every book they could find and then set themselves up in my room to read. It was so cute to watch them play, they told us they were camping - I might actually like camping if it meant sitting in bed reading books. 

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