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Sunday, January 1, 2017

December Miscellaneous

December felt like a non stop party with a lot of big events, but there were plenty of every day moments that are worth remembering....

Luke got these stuffed snowmen at "shopping" and they made the perfect winter companions.  He slept with them most nights unless he thought someone else was lonely - then they could sleep with one.  Somehow one of the friends ended up finding a permanent home in our room, lucky me.

Luke got his own Christmas tree and couldn't have been happier about it.  We spent all month adding ribbon and new ornaments.  Ruby has put in her request for her own tree next year.  

Bonding with Brycen

Years later and Sheepie is still his favorite!

I love to watch them sleep.

Not sure the reason for the naughty face,
Hopefully Santa didn't see.

Indoor picnics are the best,
Especially in costume.

Best buds!

A quick visit to Aunt Marlene.


Luke loves Mrs. Fox his preschool teacher and was 
So excited to take her a Christmas present.

Taking advantage of a "warm" day.

Best buds and elves.

Luke spent about a week wearing this costume

Fresh snow called for a day of sledding.  It was quite the adventure to find some sleds to buy, we weren't the only ones that thought it sounded fun to play in the snow.  The kids didn't seem to mind the cold at all and said they were warm and cozy in their snow clothes.  They struggled to walk up the hill and Ruby constantly fell over, but that gave me an excuse to get some extra exercise for the day.

Luke and I spent an afternoon making banana bread. I had planned to just make it quickly by myself, but Ruby was asleep and Luke wanted to help. He was the best helper and so proud of himself for working so hard to smash all of the bananas and turn them into "banana soup".  I was so glad that I shared the experience with him.

Lots of playtime with new Christmas toys and puzzles


It was a very long day!

New ballerina clothes, she is a natural.

Year in review.

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