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Friday, December 2, 2016

November, 2016

This photo is one of my favorites, Thanksgiving day with my loves. 

November feels like it started and finished and I barely even realized it had happened.  I'm grateful though that both Tim and I take a  lot of photos which makes it easy to reminisce and recall all of the fun of the month.

One of my parent's friends they grew up with posted this picture of my dad's baseball team - I'm guessing he was about 10 years old.  I love everything about this shot - especially seeing my dad as a little guy.  I can see so much of Luke and my nephew Josh in his look.  By the way, hes on the bottom row, second boy in from the left side.

Just an average day around our house with Luke and Ruby

Sweet finds at "shopping", the DI

Luke figures out how to take a "selfie"
I see a lot of pictures like this in our future

Life has been so busy lately that it feels like Tim and I don't get enough quality time together - lots of conversations about the kids, dinner plans, schedules and the logistics off our life, but not much more some days.  Tim's parents graciously agreed to have the kids for a sleepover, and Tim and I were thrilled to take advantage and spend some time together.  After considering some options that were a little more far afield, we decided that spending time in Salt Lake would suit our needs.  It was perfect to have two days with no kids and no real plans.  Friday afternoon we went to City Creek outdoor mall and wandered around, shopping and enjoying the sights and sounds.  From there we headed to dinner at Alamexo, a restaurant recommended by Cory.  The food was amazing - especially the chips and guacamole and the churros.  It was refreshing to eat at a restaurant that didn't even have a kid's menu.  We ate way too much and left feeling full of food, conversation and love. 

After dinner we checked in at the Hyatt then walked across the street to the Jazz game.  We are not really super fans, but we had a fantastic time rooting for the home team.  After the game we sat in the hot tub at the hotel and stayed up way too late, soaking in the feeling of being on "vacation". Saturday morning we worked out, had breakfast, then went back to sleep until it was time to check out.  We spent the rest of the day shopping and relaxing - we went to a movie and another kid free meal.  By the time we picked up the kids Saturday night we were completely relaxed, reconnected, and ready to get back to the business of being a family.  

Tim and Luke had a boy's night out at the BYU basketball game.

While the boys were at the game, Ruby and I had a girl's night.  We went shopping, then went to Provo Beach Club where Ruby played and we ate ice cream.  I loved having a night with just us two.

Just a little bit of a chocolate moustache

Veteran's day gave us another reason to admire and respect this man

I was able be Sean's errand girl and deliver birthday flowers to my mom
The babies and I loved the chance to wish her happy birthday in person

She always chooses German Chocolate

My dear friend Kristen Shuler Rutter's son got married - we are in completely different stages of life (this was her second child to get married and she also just sent a daughter on a mission), but I am always grateful for her lifelong friendship.  Tim was in Ogden with the boys, so the babies were my dates for the night.  For the entire drive there the kids asked who was getting married and did they get to go in the temple.  Ruby wanted to know if the bride would have flowers and a crown.  Despite their excitement, they became a little overwhelmed when we arrived and turned suddenly shy.  Luke managed to compose himself though and asked if he could have a picture with the bride because she was so beautiful.   I think she was flattered.  We had a great time for the rest of the reception thanks to a kids' table with kid friendly snacks and miniature coloring books and games.  I had to beg the kids to finally leave because they enjoyed the night so much. 

The boys on the town

Tim and the kids explored the BYU dinosaur museum

We have been completely spoiled by the weather this November - no snow yet, and a lot of really sunny days with moderate temperatures.  Even so, winter is coming and we have been on the hunt for indoor play places where the kids can run around.  We were happy to discover this new one at the remodeled University Mall.  The kids loved pretending like they were exploring outdoors.  

Grandma and Grandpa had a sleep over
The kids were especially excited

I went through all of my baby things so that I could let Kristina borrow them for her new little babies. While she was here picking them up, Luke thought he would try out the Bumbo one last time. 

Last Sunday while we were making plans for Thanksgiving dinner, my dad mentioned that we should consider going out for dinner.  I don't know if we are all getting old or tired, or both, but we all immediately said what a great idea it was.  My mom was able to get reservations at The Marriott which led to one of the most relaxing Thanksgiving days we have ever had.  I loved spending the morning with my little family.  It was such a strong reminder of all of my blessings and just how many great things I have in my life.  I loved seeing posts from friends and family with pictures of their loved ones and their blessing.  For one day, it is so nice to have the world focused on blessings, gratitude and positive feelings.  And by the way, the food at The Marriott was amazing.

Ruby loved the buffet - she ate a large plate of turkey along with part of a roll.  She was impressed with the dessert selection and settled on a caramel apple with sprinkles.  Good choice my little one. She mostly just ate the caramel and sprinkles but she did have a few bites of apple - success.

After we finished eating, we chatted for a long time in the dining room, but eventually headed out to the lobby where we continued to talk and of course, pose for lots of pictures.

Jess is always my partner in crime for taking too many photos

I'm not sure who is in charge here...

Somehow I missed getting any great shots, but we loved having everyone over to our house to eat pie.  The kids played while the adults visited - it was the perfect ending to a lovely Thanksgiving. 

The Spanish Fork craft fair is our favorite "Black Friday" shopping,
We mostly go just for the donuts

I put up all of the Christmas decorations after the kids had gone to bed.  When they woke up the next day they immediately wondered if it had been one of Santa's helpers who decorated.  They loved being a part of the magic, and were especially excited over all of the toys that sing and dance and play music - thanks Grandma Broadbent for all of the fun. 

Saturday afternoon at Maceys for lunch and ice cream

Lately the kids have loved painting - 
Even better, they usually get more on the paper than on themselves

We went to The Peaks to watch a hockey game.  Katelyn, who has babysat since Luke was a baby, wanted the kids to come see her boyfriend play.  They loved the whole atmosphere - Luke has now added ice skates to his letter to Santa.

Luke and Ruby went to another session of the toddler art class at the BYU museum.  They talked a lot about workers and came home with hats and chore charts that they made.  Luke has already been working to make sure he does his jobs.  

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