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Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Polar Express

Last year Grandpa and Grandma Whitesides took us an adventure to the Polar Express.  The kids had fun, but they were young enough that I wasn't sure how much they remembered and hadn't thought much about buying tickets for this year.  About a month ago Luke suddenly started talking about riding the Polar Express and which pajamas would he wear this year.  He was so excited to go that I couldn't imagine disappointing him so I quickly started looking for tickets, invited some family, and made the arrangements to go.  I think the anticipation was almost as much fun as the adventure - for days leading up to the trip, the kids talked about what they would wear, if they would see Santa on the train, and how excited they were to have cookies and hot chocolate.  Cory ended up not being able to come because he was sick with the Spanish flu, but we were thrilled to have lots of little boys along to keep Ruby entertained.

Once we boarded the train, the kids quickly got settled in adjoining seats and the singing and dancing began.  We had elves on the train and they play lots of Christmas carols and kept everyone entertained.  We all had the best time - the kids were the ringleaders of the fun in our train car.  I loved watching them have so much fun together.  The ride to the North Pole was truly magical.  

Cookies and hot, hot hot, hot chocolate

Luke remembered that he didn't drink his hot chocolate last year because it was too hot so he was determined to make sure he drank it all this year.  I thought it was so funny that he would remember.

The magical ticket punch by the conductor

Miss Clause, Santa's daughter
Ruby was star struck, she thought she was so beautiful.

After arriving at the North Pole, the kids were so excited to hear that Santa would be visiting us on the train.  They sang extra loud to make sure he would come to our car first.  He gave everyone a jingle bell to remember our ride, I think Luke took them all to hang on his Christmas tree in his room.

We had the most fun and this was one more memory to store in my bank of all of the amazing adventures we have had this Christmas season.  And the kids, don't worry, they are already making plans for next year.

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