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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Go Cougars!

This week we lived like BYU Superfans and attended both the basketball and the football game.  We had planned for quite awhile to go to this particular football game because it was a Saturday afternoon game and we thought it would be perfect to take the babies.  We were gifted three tickets and just needed a third so Tim decided to buy one online to be sure it was taken care of.  He found a ticket for a great price and purchased it before really reading the description.  Imagine his surprise when he realized that it was for the BYU basketball game that night.  After a little juggling, he secured a second ticket and he and Luke went to have a boys night.  When I saw Luke later that night and asked about the game, his immediate response was "it was awesome".   I think he was especially excited because Tim bought him a basketball, but I'm glad they had so much fun.

While the boys were at the game, Ruby and I had our own "girl adventure".  We went shopping at the toy store, had ice cream, and played some games.  We don't get a lot of one on one time, and I loved getting to have her and her fun little personality all to myself.  

Saturday afternoon we packed up jackets and blankets and headed out to the football game.   The jackets were pretty much unnecessary as the weather was absolutely beautiful.  We felt completely spoiled sitting at a football game in the middle of November with 65 degree weather.  The warm weather made the entire experience fun.  The kids had a great time - they played on the stairs, adopted the railing as their horsey, and even watched a little football.  They liked watching for Cosmo's tricks, and loved it when BYU scored so the cannons would go off and they could sing the Go Cougars song.  Tim and I were just happy to be along on the adventure.

We made a lot of cougar faces. 

To go along with our cougar tail.

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