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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Happy Birthday Ruby Girl

For months leading up to her birthday Ruby had been talking about turning three and being a big girl. It feels like she has been trying to grow up (and keep up with Luke) since the day she was born.  This little one brings us the most incredible amount of joy and entertainment - I cannot even imagine our life without her.  Celebrating her big day was pretty perfect - she was so excited about every detail.

We started early with pre-birthday pajamas.  She was so excited that when she woke up, she would really be three years old.  

Putting up the fingers for 3 is much tougher than 2

She wasn't so sure about waking up
Until we reminded her that it was her birthday

As soon as she heard there were presents
The smiles were found and turned on

Luke convinced her that he should open half her presents
He did agree to let her keep most of them

Birthday waffles

We went bowling with the kids a few months ago and they absolutely loved it.  When we mentioned to Ruby that we could go for her birthday, she was immediately excited and plans were made.  I don't think that I've ever had so much fun bowling.  She and Luke were so animated and excited...they danced, gave high fives, jumped around, and acted as though it was the most fun they had ever had. In fact, when I asked Ruby if this was her best birthday ever, she immediately yelled "yes".  True, she doesn't have a lot to compare it to, but who cares, it was a fantastic day with my new big girl.

Having Taylor along was the icing on the cake

Sunday we had a birthday party with the family.  The first time I asked what kind of birthday she wanted Ruby immediately said a "Pony Party" and never deviated.  She chose the theme and the cake and couldn't wait for everyone to come see her ponies.  

The cake was amazing!

Good thing the girl who made it took a picture since Ruby swiped and ate some of the stars before I had a chance to even get one shot. I found her hiding under the table with a mouth full of frosting.  I guess they were just too tempting for her to resist.

Ruby is lucky to have so many people to love and support her

Presents are always the best part of any party

She had few helpers to blow out the candles

We love having joint celebrations with cousins
Miles and Ruby almost share a birthday with only a day between

Ended with a dance party

The look of an exhausted Belle (birthday girl)

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