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Friday, June 10, 2016

May 2016

We may only be a week or so into June but May already feels so long ago.  Sometimes it takes me awhile to get my blog put together, but I love having everything together to remember all of the fun that we have had.  Time seems to go so quickly and since I can't seem to slow it down, at least I can keep documenting.

The babies continue to keep us entertained and busy.  While driving through Springville, Tim noticed this little "farm" and stopped to let the kids see the animals.  He took a lot of video, most of the conversation revolved around whether any of the goats were one of the billy goats gruff.  That has been a favorite story lately and the kids are constantly on the lookout for a mean, scary troll.

We bought this slide from our neighbor and have been surprised at how much the kids have played on it.  They call it their castle slide and use it as part of all types of invented stories.  I love hearing the stories their imaginations create.  

Luke and Ruby are always excited when they get to spend time with big sister

And definitely love helping grandma. 

We finally made our schedules work to meet up and have lunch.  Kristen has been a great friend to me since we were in the 8th grade.  She continues to impress and inspire me with everything she accomplishes and everyone she cares for.  Knowing her definitely has changed me "for good".

One of the reasons we bought Lagoon passes was because we knew we would want to go for Ada's clogging competition.  Unfortunately, it was rainy - same as last year - but most of the day was light rain and we all had so much fun going on some favorite rides, and discovering others.

Of course, it was amazing to watch Ada perform.  She always looks so joyful and like she is just having the best time.  Plus, she is an amazing dancer!  We loved spending time together and then watching her dance. 

While in Santaquin for dinner, my little Annie Oakley found a gun and snuck outside. When I asked her what she was doing she quickly informed me that she was "shooting bad guys".  The fierce face may scare them away before any guns are necessary.

Mothers day just kind of arrived and may not have been my best day this year - for no particular reason other than I just felt crabby all day.  Tim and the kids worked hard to make me breakfast and give me cards and kids.  Grandma Whitesides taught the kids to sing M O T H E R, Mother I love you and that thawed my grumpy heart. 

I wanted cute photos of my kids to remember Mother's Day,
This is what I got. 

Making new friends at the castle park.

Dinner with Erika and Gio,
Wait, was Erika the only one who ate?

It's always a great day when Tim gets to hike to the hot pots.

We spent a Friday afternoon with my mom, taking her for an adventure while she was still healing from her knee replacement.  We had lunch in Salem and then played at the pond.  Somehow I missed getting a picture with her in it.  Sorry mom, we really loved spending so much time together.

New Glasses
By the way, having kids ruins your eyes!

The kids love Everest and wanted me to take pictures of them together, then Luke said that he needed to take a picture of me with Everest.  It makes me happy that they enjoy him so much.  He has been such a good buddy for me and now my family.  Unfortunately, he is getting quite old and I worry about how much longer he will be with us.  

Everest is about the same age as my dad's dog Nibs.  Unfortunately, he had gotten so old and unable to move around so they had to have him put to sleep.  We were all just so sad about it, especially sad for my dad who really loved his dog.  Tim told the kids about it and they wanted to talk all about Nibs being in heaven and playing with the people there.  This picture of her is a few years old, but my dad claims she was camera shy and always turned his head when he tried to take a picture.  

Ruby and I were invited to a shower for Jacob Nye's fiance.  She was so excited to go to a "girl party" and have a day out together.  After the shower we went to lunch and then had our nails done.  Perfect setting for her first manicure.

I'm doing better at swallowing my fears and running outside.

Juniper was doing her best to pull Ruby, they didn't get far. 

Tim is still in love with his jeep.

Nothing better than time on the trail. 

A moment of rest after lots of silliness

Luke and Ruby were so anxious to go bowling after watching an episode of Curious George where he works at a bowling alley.  We got started a little late so by the time we got there, they had the music loud and the disco ball spinning.  There was plenty of cheering and excitement, I think it was everything they dreamed it would be and more.  And the best part...Brycen Brother was part of the whole night.

These kids adore their big brother.

Round two of Kung Fu Panda at the theater.

Dinner at Red Lobster, spending my mother's day gift certificate.

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