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Friday, May 6, 2016

April 2015

Ahhhh April.....definitely one of my favorite months. This April has been filled with lots of little adventures and plenty of time with family.

We have spent a lot of the month singing Karaoke to the Frozen soundtrack while Ruby dances around in her new Elsa dress.

Hiking in Meuller Park

Erika's new truck.

Lunch at Cafe Rio

Plenty of silliness

Not sure that this qualifies as silly, but I really didn't want to create a section of naughtiness.
What happened to my baby?

Typical for April, the weather has been unpredictable, 
But we have finally had some warm days

Let the backyard shenanigans resume
Tim took all the kids on a bug collecting adventure

We spent a few hours at the doctor's office to do well checks for both Luke and Ruby.  Both are finally healthy, and continue to be right on track developmentally.  They are both tall for their age, especially Ruby, but we already knew that.  Dr. Lauret always makes a big deal over them and this time gave them each a polished rock, and small piece of real dinosaur bone.  No one was due for shots, so when we left, we were all still smiling. 

Brother and Sister Rackham gave Luke the story "You Are Special"
 It's an especially good one to read in the daddy chair 

My poor mom had to have a total knee replacement so we've spent a lot of time visiting her recently. The first several days were really rough and it was so sad to watch her be in so much pain.  After leaving the hospital they had her transferred to a rehab facility so that she could move around more easily and get extra physical therapy.  It amazes me how quickly they expect her to be up and around after such an invasive procedure.  Other than a few small bumps, she is handling it all exactly like I would expect her to - working hard, smiling through the pain, and fully expecting a great recovery.  
These sillies are a little unnerved by grandma not being at her own house.
Luke loves to play with her walker and hops along saying "ouch, ouch, ouch"
Two weeks without Sunday dinner seemed like a little too long so we took the party to the rehab center.  It was a lot of noise, and a bit of chaos, but it was fun to be together.  Hopefully we did not wear my mom out too much,

Trying out the new lenses Tim bought me for my birthday

Taking it easy after the first time mowing the lawn this year.

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