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Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Sun's So Hot I Forgot to Go Home

Tim and I were really fortunate and were able to enjoy a getaway to Mexico at the end of April.  It was really an amazing trip.  He and I had been so busy with work that it was great to be able to relax and remember how much fun we have hanging out together.

By the way, it seemed a little overwhelming to include everything about our trip in one post, so forewarned, there might be a few.

Our flight left late morning which was perfect.  We were able to get the kids up and ready, and then met Tim's parents at the airport to pick them up.  Tim's parents really are saints - not only did they take our two wild ones for the week, but they picked up our kids and car when we left, and then were there waiting (with fresh pizza) when we returned.  Once we got the logistics all taken care of and were on the plane, we were pretty thrilled to be one our way.

We stayed at the Iberostar, same place that we stayed two years ago so it was nice to arrive and already be so familiar with the resort.  It definitely felt like a homecoming when we realized that they had put us in the exact same room that we had last time.  


We were able to travel with good friends which made the trip even better.

Do I look exhausted here?  The first day was long and by the time we were done with dinner, I was exhausted and ready for bed but Tim really wanted to explore.  I tried to be a good sport, but shortly after this picture the fatigue, as well as the heat and humidity had done me in and I finally just sat down on a bench and refused to move unless it was to walk straight back to our room.  

Some people question the fact that I work out while on vacation, but for me, it is part of the adventure.  The gym has glass walls so you can enjoy the views, and running outside is pretty much perfect - especially when it includes watching the sunrise.  

Since I seem to be on a string of selfies, I guess I might as well keep it coming with a string of beach selfies.  By the way, you see that cute sun hat, well that was about the only time it got worn.  It was quite windy the entire time we were there, and the hat wouldn't stay on so I had to switch to baseball caps for a little protection from the sun.

Once we had worked out and had breakfast, this is how/where everyone knew to find us until the sun went down. Tim did some metal detecting, and a few times we wandered up to the pool,  but I take my enjoyment of the beach very seriously.  It's a real talent to be able to spend so much time sitting, sleeping, and just watching and listening to the ocean. 

I did interrupt my sitting most afternoons to take a walk.  Shortly before sunset is my favorite time - most of the people are gone and it gets very still.  

This stretch of the beach is one of our favorite's to explore.  There are a lot of private houses and an abandoned estate.  Because it is more rocky, there are usually a lot of good shells and pieces of coral to find.  This year we went at low tide so we were able to see more than we had previously.

On occasion Tim joined our group to play some beach volleyball.  He always had fun, but by the time he was finished, was usually, sweaty, sandy, and sunburned.

Spectating can be exhausting as well.

Being fed and catered to for a week was nice.  It was fun to try new foods and have some fancy meals.  By the time we got home though, I was ready for my own boring food.

You were good to us Mexico, hasta la proxima.

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