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Monday, February 8, 2016

Texas - The Musical

For the past three years, we have traveled to Texas in February to see Tad perform in his own version of high school musical.  It really is the most fun and I have absolutely loved seeing the shows and watching him grow as a performer.  He is a Senior this year and I got a little emotional about not seeing him perform at Flower Mound Highschool again.  For this last year, he was cast as Nathan Detroit in Guys and Dolls.  This has always been one of my favorite musicals, and it was definitely my favorite of all of Tad's performances.  The character is really over the top - almost cartoonish - and Tad played it perfectly.  I was amazed at his ability to be so expressive with his face.  Mostly, he just looked like he was having the most fun and I absolutely loved being along for the ride.  The overall production was incredible.  It may be quite awhile before I stop humming the soundtrack.


It was so fun to have our own mini reunion with Dani

One of the best parts about the yearly pilgrimage is of course all of the time with family.  This trip was short, only two full days, but it is always great to spend any time together.  In the short span we were there, I learned, and completely lost at a new card game.  I actually kind of think they kept changing the rules on me just to keep it interesting.  My poor dad ended up being sick for most of the trip so he didn't make it into any of the photos.

And of course, my favorite way to the sun with my brother.
We just needed Jessica to complete the fun.

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