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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Ruby 21 months

As Ruby gets older, it gets much tougher to really describe her and her cute little personality because she's a pretty great mixture of so many different traits.  She can be so sweet and often lets me rock her and tells me that she is my Ruby baby (usually when I say I'm sad because Luke is a big boy and won't let me call him a baby).  When she is in an unfamiliar location, she gets quite shy and turns into a mama's girl which is a nice change since she usually wants Tim and cries if he leaves.  Just last week at the Fourth of July parade she got overwhelmed by the people and noise and would not leave my lap or sit with even Tim or my parents.  So, she has a mild side, but most of this girl is pretty much wild.  Sometimes as I sit and watch Miss Ruby, I can hardly believe that this blue eyed, red headed baby is mine.  Then I get a little glimpse of her personality and I'm pretty sure it is like watching me when I was young.  Tim says all of the time that she is a blond mini version of me.  She keeps inspiring new nick names and all of them give a pretty accurate description:  The Tornado, The Spitfire, The Wild One.  You get the picture, the girl has energy and personality to spare.  Even though it can be exhausting some times, I wouldn't have it any other way.

In the past few months, Ruby's language skills have increased dramatically.  She speaks in two and three word combinations and is constantly surprising me at some of the words she says - ouch, exercise, mine, hamburger.  She  is quick to say "Ruby do it', and has learned from Luke the art of the "no thanks".  And of course, she learned one of her most important phrases from her dad, "more chocolate".  She wants to communicate and tries to mimic almost everything.  On of my favorite moments is when someone says a prayer - she closes her eyes, folds her arms, and talks the entire time.  Most of her words are not very clear, but we definitely hear the "amen".  She has started "singing" and melts me when she does Twinkle Twinkle, ABCs or the Luke and Ruby song.

Ruby continues to eat and drink better than Luke.  Not surprisingly they weigh almost the same.  ost of the time she insists on feeding herself which often means a big mess - it doesn't seem to bother her, the dirtier the better.  She has learned from her mama and loves ice in her drink.  Whenever I have a cup of ice, she begs for all that I am willing to share.

Ruby is so jealous of Luke being able to go potty.  If I were willing to have a lot of accidents, she could probably be potty trained now, but I'm not anxious to have her grow up so quickly.  For now, she will have to be content wearing Luke's panties.

Tim and I have talking about how lucky Ruby is to have Luke - they play, they fight, they invent trouble, but the most important thing is that they adore each other.  They never like to be separated, as soon a Ruby gets up she wants to go find Luke.  I hope they remain best friends for the rest of their lives.

Speaking of best friends, Ruby is pretty lucky to have her cousins.  She and Juniper are young enough that they haven't quite figured out how to play together.  But she definitely knows how to get what she wants from the big kids. 

This may be where she learned to say "more chocolate".  The girl continues to love her treats.

She is definitely ready for her moment as Captain of the Ship

Taylor was so sweet and patient and let Ruby help with his homework.

Ruby absolutely loves books, she constantly demands "more story", especially when she is supposed to be asleep.  Most days she goes to bed and wakes up wanting a story and definitely has her favorite books.

There may be a lot of years between these two sisters,
But they couldn't be cuter together. 

Grandma tried putting curlers in her hair.  Poor thing, her hair is so fine that within a few minutes of the curlers being taken out, all of the curl was gone.

Plenty of selfies, 
It is about the only way to get her to look at the camera.  

We discovered that Ruby loves to dress up.  When she goes to daycare at the gym, she finds all sorts of costumes to wear so we have started buying some outfits for home.  It makes me laugh to see some of the style combinations she comes up with

Ruby is definitely a water baby, she loves to swim in it, splash in it, drink it.  She is insistent on having a bath every night.  If she thinks she isn't going to get a bath, she pulls off her clothes and climbs in the tub to wait. As soon as the water turns on, she gets so happy.

There is no caption that would do this picture justice,
One of my favorites ever.

This is pretty typical of nap time lately.  She laughs and yells, throws out all of her toys and blankets, and then collapses and sleeps for hours.

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