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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Birthday America

For the last several days we have been talking with the kids about our plans for the Fourth of July. Luke keeps saying "Happy Birthday America" and each day wanting to know if it is the day of the big party.  Unfortunately, when this morning rolled around, none of us were quite in the mood to party.  Luke was sick last night and between him, Tim and me, we didn't get a combined 8 hours of sleep.  We had to wake both kids up early to leave for the festivities and we wondered if we should just bag it and stay home.  But, I was determined to celebrate America's birthday so we packed up and headed to the parade.

This is the best picture I could get of Luke before the parade,
Clearly, he wasn't feeling well.
It was a rough start to the day, but once we started seeing floats, horses, and the giant inflatable characters, the kids started to wake up and enjoy the parade. Luckily the skies were overcast so it wasn't quite so hot and we all really had a fun time.

After the parade we walked back to our cars to make a plan for the rest of the day.  In typical Broadbent fashion, we stood there and talked for a very long time before finally moving on to lunch. And there anything more patriotic than Chuckarama?  Maybe, but they were featuring red white and blue slurpees, and cookies so it seemed unamerican not to go.  

Grandpa's new toys, marshmallow shooters.
After lunch, we finished the afternoon at the movie theater - Inside Out.  I was worried that the babies would be naughty because they were both so tired, but they watched the entire movie without really moving or making a sound.  As we were walking out Luke blurted out "whoa, that was really fun".  I think he was speaking specifically about the movie, but I will take it as commentary on the entire day.

Once we got home from the movie, the kids crashed and slept so late that we ended up not going anywhere to see any fireworks.  Luke did wake up to watch some off of our deck - our neighborhood certainly loves the fireworks.  Ruby didn't completely miss out, we have been practicing with our own sparklers

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